2013 was a difficult year…

I was struggling from a relationship that had gone bad, reeling from destroyed friend networks, and struggling with debt after going down an expensive university route.

I’d just been made unemployed and about to hit thirty, with nothing to show except credit card bills I couldn’t keep up to.

To top the year off I lost both my grandma’s – a moment that reminded me how fast and fragile life actually is…

On the positive, this put all my other problems into perspective – although I wasn’t where I wanted to be, it didn’t mean this was how the rest of my life had to be!

I always thought New Year resolutions were stupid, and never was one to bother for them, but the deep frustration made me open to take a new approach, and as 2014 begun I choose to take back control of my life.

Writing dozens of pages, I listed everything I ever wanted to achieve – ideas, ambitions, things I wanted to try, anything that would assist in my path for fulfilment I sought. I saved this document, with a somewhat jokey title “My Manifesto of Perfection”

Two of those goals were pretty simple and could work together – to start writing again and setup a blog.

When it came to what it should be about, a clear theme had naturally evolved – to write an accountability blog about my experiences working towards achieving those goals, along with sharing my own thoughts and knowledge as I transitioned myself into this self-improvement experience.

The site, which would change my life forever was born…

The Manifesto…

One of my biggest dislikes in life is seeing a person pissing away their potential, which was the driver to change my own life and inspiration to start writing Perfect Manifesto, a site for every person who ever thought:

“I know I can be so much more…”

When you read Perfect Manifesto you’ll get my writings on personal growth, confidence and health, along with stories from my life – past and present, about how I’ve faced challenges, overcome problems and share insights about things I’ve learnt along the way.

And as a passionate blog writer you’ll also find my thoughts on the process of writing and the mindset behind running a blog.

About the creator…

My name is James M. Lane. When I’m not sharing my words on here I’m a loving husband, father to two girls, strength trainer and Engagement Lead for the NHS.

Image: Writer and Creator of Perfect Manifesto James M. Lane

My favourite posts…

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Me and my family.

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