Digital Consumption Dilemma

The age of digital media has shifted how we consume almost everything. From sex to texts, everything can be had at the push of a button. Most worrying though, is the unhealthy obsessions and addictions that have been formed from this instant gratification culture. Multimillion dollar corporations have cleverly designed & engineered a variety of … Continue reading Digital Consumption Dilemma

5 Rules to Fitness Success

Are you someone who looks around for: the "best" routines/workouts? always seeks exercises for most "effective" results? consumes lots of new ideas and thinking from the fitness industry, but sees little results? Fitness success isn't as complex as you think. Whether it's maintaining a good diet or a gym routine to achieve the goal you … Continue reading 5 Rules to Fitness Success

Out of the Zone…

It has been over two months since the UK government ordered a lockdown, advising citizens to stay at home to reduce the spread of coronavirus. This has meant people having to work from home, without access to seeing friends, family, loved ones… And more importantly a total shut-down of all gyms in the country. This … Continue reading Out of the Zone…

The Simple Formula Which Will Help You Understand Why Change Happens (Guest Post)

Have you ever made a change to your life that went quite smoothly? On the other hand is there something you wanted to change, but found you failed again and again? This is something I went through a lot setting goals - despite having good intentions, something just didn't click. All that resulted was failing … Continue reading The Simple Formula Which Will Help You Understand Why Change Happens (Guest Post)

The Parenting Gap / The Parenting Trap

According to the latest research, from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, mums appear to have been doing most of the housework and childcare during lockdown.

With today’s post I wanted to discuss the main theme from this research – a sense of fairness balancing child care duties in a relationship against the day job.

Is it possible to manage it all?

Five Things Life Teaches You About Failure

Showing fear of failure to such an extent that you won't take on any challenges and risks shows that in many ways you have failed - at life.

With each personal failure, this is an opportunity to learn, to get better at life...

Here is what I have learned about failure by living life:

3 Things Learned From Failing My Driving Test 5 Times

The first time I failed my driving test was because I nearly ran over another student as I was leaving the test centre.

The worst part was...

New Posts: May 2020

Thanks for reading, a blog dedicated to fatherhood, health and self-improvement. Check out some of the post highlights for May 2020: The Gym Dad In this post I share an anecdote illustrating the challenge of keeping fit and healthy, alongside fatherhood and how we all have the option to choose our priorities. >> Fatherhood … Continue reading New Posts: May 2020

What is your mantra?

What is your mantra? Several years ago, I was invited to a job interview. Arriving in usual early fashion, I perched myself on a bench inside Leeds train station, killing time with last-minute research. Prior to the interview I was a wreck. Getting this job wasn’t about a promotion or more money – it was … Continue reading What is your mantra?

Take the Real World Offline Challenge! (Infographic)

In January, I challenged readers of this blog to Take the Real World Offline Challenge! This was motivated by my own anxieties triggered by spending too much time plugged in, not dedicating enough time to personal passions such as writing because I was so busy on social media. Since that time I have spent more … Continue reading Take the Real World Offline Challenge! (Infographic)

The Secret of My Endurance

Last year my grandfather died. In my family, he was the last line of the grandparent generation. An era of men and women born into a world where their fathers, took part in the great war. Many a time on visits, I would get presented murky browny-grey photos with frayed edges, of uncles never known, … Continue reading The Secret of My Endurance

4 Tricks To Take Control of Your Emotions (Infographic)

Having the ability to control your emotions is a great skill to possess. When you choose how your react to a situation you become empowered, not allowing how you feel about a situation control your mind. If you want some tips to take better control of your emotions - whether it is reacting in anger, … Continue reading 4 Tricks To Take Control of Your Emotions (Infographic)