The 10 Best Weight Lifting exercises: Push Press

I continue my series where I count down my top 10 weight exercises, giving my opinion on some of my favourite exercises that have been a staple of my gym routine for many years.

The purpose of this weekly series is for me to share with you the reader my favourite workout exercises.  I don’t tell you how to do it – so whether you are doing it for power, body building or endurance – you will just see why I like these exercises, it’s up to you how heavy you go.

If you have experience of weight training you have probably heard of most of my list.  Although I can appreciate a number of exercises, I take the view it is best to be a master of a small number of routines.  These 10 weight exercises are what I focus on week-in, week out.

This week is Number 8:

Push Press

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The 10 Best Weight Lifting exercises: Side Raises

Please see a continuation of my top 10 weight exercises: where I give my opinion on some of my favourite exercises that have been a staple of my gym routine for many years.

I have a very traditional and basic attitude to weight training – you won’t see gimmicky exercises or “Wolverine Workouts” here.  If you have experience of weight training you have probably heard of most of my list.  I take the view to be the master of these 10 weight exercises, rather than do a new routine everyweek.

This week is Number 9:

Lateral Raise

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The 10 Best Weight Lifting exercises: The Bent-over row

I have had many years going to the gym.  Many times I have tried various gimmicky exercises, which I usually picked up from some fitness magazine or website.  Sometimes it has been some gym bro extending his “knowledge”

As I have got older I realised that sometimes it is better to stick to the basics rather than trying to imitate some crazy routine seen on YouTube.

So here are (in my opinion) the best 10 free weight exercises to do in the gym

This week I start with Number 10:

Bent Over Barbell Row

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Fast Friday 05/08/2016

Welcome to another week of ‘Fast Friday’ where I write about what I have been doing this week

What I am listening to

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How to answer the interview question – What is your weakness?

A common question asked at interviews is

“What is your strength and what is your weakness?”

I have heard a number of methods for answering this question and thought I would focus onthe second part of this question as usually people are quite good about talking about a particular area that they excel in.

The whole purpose on an interview is to sell yourself and show that you are the right candidate for the job.  But this is what makes this question interesting because it is deliberately asking the candidate to say something negative about themselves.  Here I talk through some potential answers to this question.interview-weakness Continue reading

How much do you bench?

How much do you bench?

That is a question that always makes me cringe.  If we ignore the basic functionality of the bench press (how often do you lift a heavy item off your chest) – it usually illustrates to me that the person asking the question:

  1. Lacks gym/weight lifting experience – non-regular gym goers may ask this as they don’t know the name of any other exercises.
  2. Shows the askers immaturity – if you don’t believe me, note how often the bench press is the first thing all teenage boys seem to do first when they hit the free weight area.


For some reason the bench press has developed a reputation of being the main measure of a persons strength, despite the fact that the bench press is focused on only working upper body strength.

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Learning how to drive

Trying to Passing my driving test, exposed me to some of the worst advice I ever received.

“You’ve failed your test, just book straight back onto it…”

this didn’t consider that I should reflect where I went wrong or find a better teacher – this resulted in a waste of time and money.


A Pattern of Failure…

The first time I took my driving test, it was a disaster.  I had got myself all worked about passing my test that I was shaking before I even started. Continue reading

Workout to eat


A small trap to get into when working out is that desire to eat more.

You will either feel that you have ‘earned’ the right to eat more just because you have worked out or your metabolism goes crazy and your blood sugar is low, so the temptation is to grab anything in sight.  Continue reading

Fast Friday 22/07/2016

After a week off to focus on some other writing, welcome to another week of ‘Fast Friday’ where I write about a few things I have been doing this week

What I am doing

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The Best Revenge


Writing this blog gives me a lot of opportunity to reflect on my life – I have referred to it many times as “free therapy” because just by writing through my problems, reflecting and explaining what I intended to do has helped me get through some tough times.

I sometimes come across unwanted reflection as I start to dig deeper and I get that horrible twitch in my head of when I have been truly wronged. Continue reading