All About You: How Egocentric Bias Is Clouding Your Perspective

Egocentric bias is a cognitive bias hat heavily influences people’s points of view when looking at life. It can interfere as people place to much importance on themselves. This post explores the concept and provides some tips to try and ensure you stay more critical - considering outside perspectives in your thinking.

I Hate Writing Posts Like This…

This week I have failed to meet my weekly deadline. When life gets in the way, you unfortunately have to put your greater priorities first...

Having a Bad Day…

It felt like we’d spent more than a life time's worth of visits to the accident and emergency unit this year.  My eyes became heavy, and my head thumped from dehydration.   Meanwhile my youngest, sat upright on my knee, watching over the waiting room like a sentinel, as she rested the back of her delicate … Continue reading Having a Bad Day…

Saying Goodbye To The Canadian Dream

“There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths.” Mark Nepo The check-in guard gazed over my body with vigilance, distracted in his professional duties by the purple butterfly bag draped over my left shoulder.  The stern, dower face softened, and I knew a witty comment had arisen into his head the moment a glowing grin heightened … Continue reading Saying Goodbye To The Canadian Dream

The Hardest Decision I Ever Made…

Whilst at university... Whilst at university, I met a guy on my course who happened to be from the same town as me.  As we were living over 100 miles from our home town and the course only had 23 people taking it, I figure the odds of that happening were pretty small.  Because of … Continue reading The Hardest Decision I Ever Made…

What the UK Petrol “Shortage” Taught Me About the News

A couple of weeks ago...  A couple of weeks ago, I pulled into the forecourt of my local Asda petrol station.  This probably a piece of information of no interest, not even if I add that it was a dark Wednesday night following my gym session.  No none of this is the formula for a … Continue reading What the UK Petrol “Shortage” Taught Me About the News

The Introverts Guide To Survive The First Year At University

The first day…  “What the hell have I let myself in for?...”  Here I was, a quiet, shy, introvert, living his first day, of the university experience – and I hated it…  I’d left my safe boring job, and my safe quiet home, to move into a pokey student terrace house sharing the space with … Continue reading The Introverts Guide To Survive The First Year At University

6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Twenty

It’s so long since I was anywhere near my twenties, that the digits on my birth certificate are much closer to the forty mark, rather the days of discovery and lack of responsibility.  During those ten years I did a lot of dumb things, some I regret.  But in reflection I also did things I enjoyed, … Continue reading 6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Twenty

Keep Calm and Stay Awesome

“Good morning.  How are you?” is a pretty standard greeting.  Usual etiquette is to provide a pretty neutral response, with platitude returning that you too care about the feelings of the individual posing the question”  “Yeah, not too bad, how about you?...”  Once I worked under a guy who always used to respond with a … Continue reading Keep Calm and Stay Awesome

Thank You / When Life Gets In The Way

Thank You... It all started with a blog... Seven years ago I combined two desires together - my new drive to have ambitions, with one of these goals - my aspiration to setup a regular writing habit. I never quite knew where it would take me. Now we are in the present, the first month … Continue reading Thank You / When Life Gets In The Way

2 Poems That Changed My Life

Poetry has the power to change how you see life, a finely crafted piece of prose digs deep into your psyche, stirring up emotions as you compose your thoughts and meaning to words scribbled down on a page.  I wanted to share two poems from Charles Bukowski, which are special to me due to how … Continue reading 2 Poems That Changed My Life

Old Town – Old Memories

This week... This week I’ve been putting in motions to organise a reunion with old friends.  This is a long delay, not just due to lockdown restrictions which have been in place over the past year, but also a reluctance on my part to find the motivation to put the movements to actually organise a … Continue reading Old Town – Old Memories