The Best Revenge

Writing this blog gives me a lot of opportunity to reflect on my life - I have referred to it many times as "free therapy" because just by writing through my problems, reflecting and explaining what I intended to do has helped me get through some tough times. I sometimes come across unwanted reflection as I start … Continue reading The Best Revenge


A long time…

Many years ago I was on a night out with University friends.  After many drinks I sat settled in the corner, I got talking with a girl on my course and some how we got to discussing her traveler background.  This led to the revelation that she had the 'sight' - the skill of being … Continue reading A long time…

Learning how to drive

Trying to Passing my driving test, exposed me to some of the worst advice I ever received. "You've failed your test, just book straight back onto it..." this didn't consider that I should reflect where I went wrong or find a better teacher - this resulted in a waste of time and money. A Pattern … Continue reading Learning how to drive

Goals vs Actions

Is there any benefit to setting goals or should I just stop talking and do it? This is a question I have been pondering a lot recently.  If you have read my blog for a while you will probably be aware that I use it as a format to log and keep track of my goals. … Continue reading Goals vs Actions

How I make the most of time

It was a regular Wednesday morning - where I always get the train to work.  The only difference was that my alarm did not go off. With 20 minutes to get ready it was a difficult task to get the train - usually it takes me at least 20 minutes alone to get ready! Almost … Continue reading How I make the most of time

How do you handle a bragger?

If there is one type of attribute I despise in a person it is a lack of humility. But it is inevitable in life that we will encounter braggers on a regular basis. The best approach for these people – absolutely nothing. I came to this conclusion, because the reason a person may brag is … Continue reading How do you handle a bragger?

The Worst mistake you can make in life…

I was talking with my future wife about our wedding. “It will be here before we know it…” she said She was right, it was nearly the end of May.  When we started making those plans it seemed like such a long wait. And that got me thinking – I am 33 years old, how quick … Continue reading The Worst mistake you can make in life…

I used to be angry

I used to be angry But then I thought "What do I have to be angry about?" I live in one of the most privileged countries in the world. My home is safe from natural disaster and hostile people. I have an education that was free till I was 18, then I had the choice to … Continue reading I used to be angry

The Thankless Life of a Football Supporter

Although I am impressed with Leicester City winning the Premiership - purely because I love an underdog, the unexpected victory sums up why I could never be a die hard football fan or for that matter a a major fan of any sports team. The English Premier League has more or less been dominated by … Continue reading The Thankless Life of a Football Supporter


Since getting my own home I have started caring about gardening. Personally I think how someone presents their garden says a lot about a person and I have always wanted to grow my own veg - so it was a natural move for me to dedicate some time in Spring to this aim. I started growing … Continue reading Setbacks