What Doesn’t Kill You…

Life is hard, life isn't fair... In this post I talk about the struggles we face day to day, and lessons learnt from hardship to bounce back.

Dear 17 Year Old Me – You’ll Never Guess How Far You’re Going

In this post I share much needed advice to seventeen year old me on life, hope, and never giving up.

Following In The Footsteps Of Giants

…or... How am I supposed to live up to the expectations of an exceptionally successful predecessor? In this post you will understand what you need to do when expected to live up to the expectations set by a predecessor

It’s Not Me – It’s You

Be sceptical how much blame you take when in a toxic relationship. It might be a case that it isn't you - it's them! In this post I explore attributes of people pleasers always willing to accept they are at fault, and challenge you to think about what are the facts, and what are just feelings...

A Look Back: No Ambition In Life? Read This

In this look back, I focus on my post 'No Ambition In Life? Read This...' and look at my advice for giving direction for the person lacking ambition, purpose and motivation in life.

Other Posts I Like: What the “Positivity” process doesn’t like to talk about

When I first got into self-improvement, I leaned into the more stoic side of the movement. Without being a true scholar of stoicism, what this meant was more about accepting things as they were and not bitching and moaning about personal circumstances. What you may refer to as "sucking it up" Doing this is okay … Continue reading Other Posts I Like: What the “Positivity” process doesn’t like to talk about

Nine Years Ago Today, My Life Changed Forever…

I've been doing blogging for nine. In this post come celebrate with me as I reflect on milestones, regular readers, trolls and what the future holds.

You’ve Been Lied To All Your Life – The True Meaning Of Success

What is the true meaning of success? To be rich? Famous? You'll find everything you've seen and been told about success isn't true. Success lies closer to your heart than you think...

The Lost Boy (Part One)

When I first became an adult, I never imagined this is where I’d be at 12 years later watching new year celebrations in my parents’ house. Where was the adventure? The good times? The romance? I didn't want to sit back and watch my life go past. The 1st January 2014 was a special day. It was the time I decided to strike back against my dissatisfaction and be accountable.

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!

In this post I reflect back on my progress during 2022 and discuss what my priorities are for 2023.

What To Do With Constructive Feedback? (When You Think It’s Wrong!)

Feedback is a fantastic method to aid your growth. But remember - not all feedback is equal. Some people who are eager to give it, may have ulterior motivates or be acting upon false information. This post explores what to do when you receive "feedback", that doesn't constructive or useful

How Far Should You Go? (When Supporting a Friends Dream?)

Last week I got an interesting (and divisive) response to the loneliness ofpursuing your goals. Perfect Manifesto: Fear Pursuing Your Dream? The Reality Isn't What You Think Some of you agreed that following your dreams can be a lonely experience. Others disagreed and said that in their experiences they'd had a fantasticarray of support. I’m … Continue reading How Far Should You Go? (When Supporting a Friends Dream?)