When I first got into self-improvement, I leaned into the more stoic side of the movement.

Without being a true scholar of stoicism, what this meant was more about accepting things as they were and not bitching and moaning about personal circumstances.

What you may refer to as “sucking it up”

Doing this is okay to a certain extent, but failing to embrace any negative feeling or having the self-aware enough to recognise when you’re life isn’t going as swimmingly as you like, because you’ve been taught to tough it out, isn’t okay.

be self-aware enough to accept that the situation you’re in isn’t alright, and that you need to do something about. self-aware when the situation you.

In this excellent post Tamara Kulish discusses toxic positivity and why it’s okay for us not to put on the façade of constant positivity.

This post has helped me think about hiding my own feelings, with a key realisation for me is to accept

It’s okay to not be okay.

Please do take the time to read Tamara’s thoughts, and drop a comment.

It’s an eye opener for anyone going through the a personal development journey, whose had it drummed into them that we can improve by ignoring our problems.

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Tamara Kulish: What the “Positivity” process doesn’t like to talk about