What We Consume…

Always remember what you consume has an impact on your mindset. If you are constantly surrounded by messages telling you why everything is bad, why you are not good enough, then you start to believe it. Some deliberately push these messages of negativity to target your insecurities and then try to profit from your misery … Continue reading What We Consume…

5 Tips to Make Your Home Workout Harder!

As highlighted in my first post in the #ukinlockdown series, one of my goals to maintain a sense of normality was to try and adapt my workouts so they are near enough to what I normally do at the gym. This business as usual approach, personally I think is the best approach to help with … Continue reading 5 Tips to Make Your Home Workout Harder!

Introducing My Free Guide to Survive “the New Normal”

Are you someone who has been sent to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic? How are you managing to balance the responsibilities of childcare with the demands of a job? My new guide “The New Normal”: Managing young kids while working from home in a crazy time… is something I wrote to support working … Continue reading Introducing My Free Guide to Survive “the New Normal”

Putting it All into Perspective…

Obtaining a fancy sounding job title will never beat the role of being a father. Having an abundance of wealth in your bank account doesn’t measure up to the love your family provide. A high social media follow count means nothing compared to the feeling of making real life, daily connections. Smashing personal bests in … Continue reading Putting it All into Perspective…

#ukinlockdown Resilience, Realisation, Recovery and Readjusting

Barely 24 hours into  UK lockdown, and I had developed an overbearing feeling of hopelessness, which was difficult for me to even articulate why. In UK lockdown part one I was adamant throughout the process that I would never let it defeat me – this was a time when strength and leadership was needed in … Continue reading #ukinlockdown Resilience, Realisation, Recovery and Readjusting

What Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Teaches About Personal Growth

I managed to watch the latest movie in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse – Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. When I was younger, I was a massive fan of Kevin Smith’s work. I bought the spin-off comics and even on my first visit to a America, went on a mission scouring stores to find the Clerks … Continue reading What Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Teaches About Personal Growth

What Makes a Good Gym Buddy?

What makes a good gym buddy?... When it comes to training at the gym I’m a lone wolf. I much prefer going alone as it allows me to focus and unwind without distractions. However, if I was looking looking for a good gym buddy, then I would want someone: Who is consistent. Keeps showing up. … Continue reading What Makes a Good Gym Buddy?

#ukinlockdown On the Positive…

This week it was announced the UK would go back into lockdown for a month. Of course this has a lot of implications, the main impact for me (apart from seeing family) is closing down the gym again… This is quite frustrating as this is the second time I’ve got on the verge of breaking … Continue reading #ukinlockdown On the Positive…

Does Money Buy Happiness?

Money doesn't buy happiness they say. But when it comes to basics like making rent, eating and having a warm home, money makes your life much easier. Don’t get me wrong, most of my life I’ve lived pretty comfortably. I can’t speak from experience of fiscal struggles being a daily reality throughout my life, but … Continue reading Does Money Buy Happiness?

New Posts: October 2020

Thanks for reading perfectmanifesto.com, a blog dedicated to fatherhood, health and self-improvement. Check out some of the post highlights for October2020: 6 Ways to Level Up Your Wellbeing Have a look at this Infographic I put together with some tips to make feel better. It is particularly important during these challenging times that we find … Continue reading New Posts: October 2020

Is it Worth Getting a Degree?

Something I wrote several years ago that still gets a lot of attention is the post My big fat worthless degree. It’s lasting popularity, I account to the fact that countless others have gone down this path, to feel cheated.  I imagine my words resonated with readers frustrated by their life choices. This is a … Continue reading Is it Worth Getting a Degree?

Roger Bannister on Breaking New Grounds

Roger Bannister was a middle distance runner, most well known for being the first person to run the first sub-four minute mile in 1954. This was something not thought to be possible by sportswriters. Once Roger reached this milestone, something changed from the breakthrough, and he was soon followed by a number of top class … Continue reading Roger Bannister on Breaking New Grounds