Thinking About Changing Your Career? Here’s How To Do It!

For many of us when we started our career we were different people - through time it can become boring that we seek a new challenge. There are many benefits and challenges to changing your career - this post explores these, along with the steps to take to help you make the move.

Always Giving Yourself To Others?: Why It’s Okay To Put YOU First!

A study found that 74% of people feel overwhelmed and unable to copy. Yet for many of us we will put the needs of others before our own. In this post I argue the importance of putting yourself first and highlight the benefits of having some 'you' time

I Switched Off Social Media For 31 Days: How Did I Survive?

Last month I decided it was time for a switch off from social media. Throughout May I spent the next 31 days with the intention of cutting down on some platforms (YouTube), and having a complete switch off others (in a personal capacity) all together (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).  What happened during my social media … Continue reading I Switched Off Social Media For 31 Days: How Did I Survive?

Feeling Down? How Social Media Is Killing Your Wellbeing

Do you feel burned out with social media? Maybe you find using social media trigger depression, anxiety or other mental health issues? In this post I explore how social media is impacting your wellbeing, and some suggestions how to help yourself.

If They Can Do It, So Can You!

Do you feel afraid when putting content online? You worry that people will laugh or worse no one will care at all? This post explores the risk/reward of being willing to put your content out there.

How To Be More Decisive When Overwhelmed With Information

Do you find the amount of information out there difficult to make a decisive decision? In this article I explore tactics to stop you getting overwhelmed and manage the overload, so you can use your decision making energy in the situations where it matters most!

2022 Goals Review (Quarter One)

Towards the close of 2021, I decided to share a review of how my goals had gone in the year.  This was done more to keep myself accountable, and motivated, so I was surprised when the post was well received by my regular readers (thank you!). Therefore, at the risk of over staying my welcome, … Continue reading 2022 Goals Review (Quarter One)

55 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today

If there is one thing I have learnt over the past couple of years – it can be really easy to get trapped in your own world that we forget about the importance of kindness – the act of giving ourselves generously without expecting anything in return.  Being kind to loved ones, work colleagues or … Continue reading 55 Random Acts Of Kindness You Can Start Doing Today

How To Deal With A Bragger

It was the late eighties when my family went back up North to return home, though as a toddler, I had no memories of where I was from, so the concept didn’t mean much.  But here I was back knowing none of the children in this new neighbourhood.  My loneliness didn't last long as I … Continue reading How To Deal With A Bragger

How To Find Meaning After Being Dumped (And Move On!)

When a relationship ends you will experience a feel of loss – like you’ve lost a sense of purpose and meaning in your life.  This is because you’ve identified as a couple – making couple type decisions, it can be an odd feeling to know you are now in the position of facing this world alone.  … Continue reading How To Find Meaning After Being Dumped (And Move On!)

A Look Back: Why Bucket Lists Are Bad

This week I wanted to share an old post I wrote way back in 2017. This post will always have fond memories as I view it as my first good post, and was the first time I thought, maybe I can be half decent at this writing lark. However I did have worries, wondering if … Continue reading A Look Back: Why Bucket Lists Are Bad

6 Tips for the First Time Father 

Becoming a father is the greatest privilege a man can experience.  Feeling the warm delicate skin press against you for the first time is a humbling moment.  And as you feel tiny laboured breathes and a small hand grasping around your finger, it’s a moving feeling to think “Wow, this little person came from me!...”  … Continue reading 6 Tips for the First Time Father