Massive Goal Achieved – Why Am I Disappointed?

“The first day of your new life…” Sickness rages in my stomach. Today I start a new job, something done many times before – but this time it’s different. There was no night before ritual of laying out my suit, checking train times or packing my bag. Instead, I’m looking out the window waiting for … Continue reading Massive Goal Achieved – Why Am I Disappointed?

Campaign for Using Smartphones Smarter…

If you worked in a job with an overly demanding colleague, would you drop everything your currently working on to meet their requests? No? Then why do we act like this when it comes to our smartphones? I’ve been looking around at recent stats, and although I’ve found varying accounts, it seems like the average … Continue reading Campaign for Using Smartphones Smarter…

The Blog Writers Guide to Overcome Writers Block

It’s currently 8pm here in the West Yorkshire.  As the kids sleep soundly in their beds, I hear the faint sound of the TV in the distance as my wife indulges in some boxset. You know what this means? A night for some quality writing time. Despite the privilege of having freedom from distractions, I’m … Continue reading The Blog Writers Guide to Overcome Writers Block

Obligatory Post Celebrating Continued Endurance…

Happy days folks! It’s seven years since I had the idea of starting a blog as an outlet to channel my writing aspirations. Not long after this idea, I setup the blog which was once known as Manifesto of Perfection on WordPress, a name I don't regret in anyway... Well… whoopee for me!  You may … Continue reading Obligatory Post Celebrating Continued Endurance…

New Posts: December 2020

Thanks for reading, a blog dedicated to fatherhood, health and self-improvement. 2020 has now been and gone. Check out my post highlights for the last month of this year: The Magic Pill There are a lot of supplements out there that promise big results. This article shares some experiences of some of the worst … Continue reading New Posts: December 2020

Don’t Take The Opportunity

“It had been a long week…” It had been a long week; the type that made you know you were ready for a holiday. I left the office early catching the 4 o’clock train, enjoying the commute by day dreaming out the window. As I departed the train my right pocket gave a slight pulsating … Continue reading Don’t Take The Opportunity

How To Be A Better Human in 2021

A key value of mine is the great pleasure taken from making the life of others better. But my relationship with people can vary, dependent how they treat me. When I worked in a library I was in a role on a standard minimum wage, working inconvenient shifts, no prospect – but the customers made … Continue reading How To Be A Better Human in 2021

What You Can Learn From Sperm About Resilience

No it's not April 1st... Did you know a woman’s immune system is designed to attack sperm? Because sperm is foreign to a woman’s body, the white blood cells treat them as invaders, ambushing them as they enter the cervix. As little as 20 of the original 250 million sperm can reach the fallopian tube. … Continue reading What You Can Learn From Sperm About Resilience

Happy Christmas (New Beginnings)

Rebirth... In many cultures this time of year is special because it marks the end of an annual cycle, another reborn year arriving coming into gradual sunnier days. As you enjoy festivities over the next week, try and do some of the following as you prepare to exit 2020 Reflect… Be grateful for the good … Continue reading Happy Christmas (New Beginnings)

The Magic Pill

What’s the worst supplement you’ve ever had? That’s a really a good question… It could be the amino acids I bought because I read an article in Men’s Health talking how good they are for muscle building. So I went and bought some tablets, but they were too large to swallow and left a horrible … Continue reading The Magic Pill

How Busy Dads Can Balance Goals

Can you believe I've been a dad for three years. It only seems like yesterday I welcomed my first child into the world - I didn't have a clue what I was doing and had constant anxiety that everything small thing I did would have an impact on my child forever. One of the biggest … Continue reading How Busy Dads Can Balance Goals

2020 A Bad Year? Don’t Write It Off Yet…

It’s been a challenging year hasn’t it? Through conversations online and in person (i.e. by in person I mostly mean video calls), I’ve seen a general theme that we should write off the year and roll on 2021 for a fresh start, where people cling onto the hope that the world will have moved on … Continue reading 2020 A Bad Year? Don’t Write It Off Yet…