I mentioned how I saw an inspiration message card in a stationary shop when I went for my job interview that said ‘I can and I will, watch me’

Out of all the motivational messages that were displayed in that stand – why did that catch my eye?

Why did it appeal to me so much, that I bought it and put it over my desk so I see it every night?

Why have I adopted it as my personal mantra so that whenever I have a tough task to repeat, I close my eyes and repeat it to myself?

“I can and I will watch me”

When I was at school I was told that I should sit limited exams because they did not think I had the ability to get good grades.  I was determined to prove them wrong.

During that time my teachers predicted that I would get D’s and E’s.  I was determined to prove them wrong.

When I got a dead end job I decided I wanted to better life for myself and go to University.  I overheard a colleague bitching how ‘I would never do it’. I would prove him wrong.

I proved them all wrong…


And that is why the saying means so much to me – that defiance to get what I want no matter how little belief anyone else has in me

I will always think ‘I can and I will watch me’


Manifesto of Perfection – Goal Setting Month

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7 thoughts on “I Can And I Will Watch Me

  1. Thanks for the follow, like reblog and kind comments Paulette. My name is James and I am dedicated to improving my life everyday, if I can inspire people along the way, then its a bonus!


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