selfSome days are more productive than others.  From my own experience of trying to be productive and reading about how others are productive.  I noticed five good things to do more.

Wake up earlier and get out of bed

For the last month I decided to set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual because I wanted to fit a little bit more out of my day.

One day it was hard, but I forced myself up.

If you had 30 minutes extra in the day – you could send out some e-mails, read or have a quick workout.

Well you could have 30 minutes more in the day if you got up a bit earlier.

Once I started this habit it got easier and I don’t feel like I have missed out on sleep.

Surround yourself with energisers

Whether it is someone you find motivating, great music or satisfying work – if you have energisers in your life you can achieve much more.

This video is an example of an energiser that is better than any pre-workout shake

In my previous job I was surrounded by negative people and the work was monotonous.  As result everything I wanted to do after work was much harder.

I found myself falling dropping off at 1pm, so I would nip to the disabled toilet for a quick sleep – I thought there was something wrong with my health.  I didn’t realise until much letter that this was a symptom of depression.

In my new job I am surrounded by motivated people and I am given challenging interesting work.

Despite the job being much harder, I do more and wonder where the day went.

When I come home I want to keep working.  So surround yourself with energisers.

Keep going with the momentum

Have you ever felt a really buzz when you’vedone some satisfying work or finished a race.

How do you feel?

If you’re anything like me then you’re probably eager to do more.

Therefore keep going with the momentum – start working on the next task or hit the gym the next day.  Just don’t stop, otherwise the momentum disappears.

When I am at work I will make the effort to go to the gym at lunch time or after work while I am eager to put in the effort.

I can guarantee if I go home and have something to eat – I will not go to the gym that day.

Therefore keeping the momentum going is important you can get things done whether it is working towards your goal to cleaning your home.

So proud of yourself for completing a task?  Well don’t just sit down – go onto the next one!

Those are some of my tips for doing more, how do you make yourself more productive?


Manifesto of Perfection – Goal setting month


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