Fight Club: Raymond K Hessel – A Near Life Experience

Fight Club, an entertaining book and film has many teachings for life - not just on masculinity but also on self-improvement, motivation and making the most out of your potential. A near life experience? One of the most compelling scenes is when Tyler Durden or the Narrator (depending on whether you are consuming the film … Continue reading Fight Club: Raymond K Hessel – A Near Life Experience

Fearing The Gym

I read a number of blogs about many peoples first experiences with the gym, or from the perspective of someone who has lived a unhealthy lifestyle and is trying to find a new way. Many of these are the fears they have - that people are looking down on them because of how they look, … Continue reading Fearing The Gym

3 Ways to do more

      Some days are more productive than others.  From my own experience of trying to be productive and reading about how others are productive.  I noticed five good things to do more. Wake up earlier and get out of bed For the last month I decided to set my alarm 30 minutes earlier … Continue reading 3 Ways to do more

How failing goals can be good

When I first started the Manifesto of Perfection.  It functioned as a tool to meet my writing goals and more importantly as a way of keeping me accountable to the objectives I set. Around November last year I looked back at what I had originally set out to do and was sad, as I felt … Continue reading How failing goals can be good