With my new job I am getting the benefit of being in an innovative, constantly changing environment.  If you just work to be another body, going through the motions earning a paycheck until you either get fired, retire or die.  Then you would probably not like it.  Personally?  I love it.

Being given a new opportunity has made me think how I approach tasks and my purpose in life very differently.

One of the buzz phrases used in the organisation  is “How are you adding value?”

Basically it means how will I make life better for the organisation?

It is a very good way of not just thinking about work but about life in general –

  • How can I share my healthy lifestyle with others?
  • How can I create a mutually recepirocal relationship that will challenge and cause us both to grow – together and as individuals?
  • How can I make my own life and by default the life of others better?

Last month I thought about quitting writing this blog.  I did not see where I could take it.  Then I thought “How can I add value to the Manifesto of Perfection?”

And I realised, I can talk to people about how I am making my life better and how they can make there better.

That was my rational behind doing my own goal setting awareness month – to help myself and advise others along the way.

I will be better from the exercise.

As for others?

They may not listen, or care, but at least I tried.

Every morning I wake up and think ‘How am I adding value?’

How do you add value?

4 thoughts on “How are you adding value?

  1. Great piece. I try to add value by posting something positive on my blog. Hopefully, at least one of the posts will make someone smile.

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    1. Thanks for the complement and comment. I agree with you, I didn’t realise that just writing thoughts and feelings in my blog would inspire anyone, but it always great when I hear people deciding to have a go/review their goal setting or deciding to follow the lead with one of the goals I set.

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  2. Great, enjoyable post. I’m a big fan of Seth Godin and the idea of being a “linchpin”. As a sales manager, it become very easy to obsess over the numbers and lose sight of relationships. I add value by putting the relationship first and giving my direct reports permission to take risks as they attempt to create art.



    1. Thanks for the comment. That is a great way of adding value. I would like to think I add value with my hardskills – mostly Microsoft Office and my ability to pick up how to work software very easily. I would like to add further value by being able to teach what I know to others.


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