Thinking About Changing Your Career? Here’s How To Do It!

For many of us when we started our career we were different people - through time it can become boring that we seek a new challenge. There are many benefits and challenges to changing your career - this post explores these, along with the steps to take to help you make the move.

2022 Goals Review (Quarter One)

Towards the close of 2021, I decided to share a review of how my goals had gone in the year.  This was done more to keep myself accountable, and motivated, so I was surprised when the post was well received by my regular readers (thank you!). Therefore, at the risk of over staying my welcome, … Continue reading 2022 Goals Review (Quarter One)

2021 End Of Year Goals Review

This week I wanted to talk about goals.... my goals to be precise.  I’m usually quite private to discuss these, I believe more in showing not telling.  But because I haven’t achieved as much as I would have like in 2021, I decided to share with three aims:  Give insight into the goals setting process … Continue reading 2021 End Of Year Goals Review

When it All Goes Wrong: Lessons from a Failed Project

Over the last five years I’ve worked hard for my company.  When I started, my role was performing lots of mundane tasks like ensuring the photocopier paper was fully stacked.  Yes, these jobs were crap only because some lazy guy in management didn’t want to get his hands dirty when he went for his printout.  … Continue reading When it All Goes Wrong: Lessons from a Failed Project

Starting a New Job: How to Defeat Imposter Syndrome

New job... and imposter syndrome returns... Recently I’ve been offered a new job, after a number of issues in my current role I decided to make the difficult decision to make the move trying something a bit different to what I’m doing.  Although this is a slight change in the career path I envisioned, it … Continue reading Starting a New Job: How to Defeat Imposter Syndrome

Feel Disappointed After Achieving a Goal?: Try this…

For the past year, you’ve set yourself a habit working towards that goal to achieve that thing you really want. And after all that time working through the challenges and setbacks, you’ve finally done it! So why do you feel so down and disappointed with the end result? Why do I feel so down now … Continue reading Feel Disappointed After Achieving a Goal?: Try this…

Don’t Take The Opportunity

“It had been a long week…” It had been a long week; the type that made you know you were ready for a holiday. I left the office early catching the 4 o’clock train, enjoying the commute by day dreaming out the window. As I departed the train my right pocket gave a slight pulsating … Continue reading Don’t Take The Opportunity

Is it Worth Getting a Degree?

Something I wrote several years ago that still gets a lot of attention is the post My big fat worthless degree. It’s lasting popularity, I account to the fact that countless others have gone down this path, to feel cheated.  I imagine my words resonated with readers frustrated by their life choices. This is a … Continue reading Is it Worth Getting a Degree?

4 elements to understand change (Infographic)

I recently wrote a new article for Tribe Media all about a formula that helps you understand why change happens. It's a useful skill to understand the basics of change management in both our personal and professional life and I wanted to share the highlights from my writing here in this infographic. 4 elements to … Continue reading 4 elements to understand change (Infographic)

Busy lives

Busy lives An excuse people always use not to invest in themselves is that their lives are “too busy”, but what are they doing with their time? People say they are busy, but yet it’s normal routine for them to mindlessly scroll through TV channels looking for entertainment for the evening to fill the void. … Continue reading Busy lives

One small, positive step…

One small, positive step… One positive change to your daily routine is a powerful thing. If you spend one minute a day doing something to make your life better, that’s over six hours a year. If you followed this path for for another nine years, you would have spent sixty hours investing in a positive … Continue reading One small, positive step…

A life without gain

A life without gain Many people are content to operate their life like a twig in the ocean, going with the flow to see where each ‘wave’ takes them. This was my life occasionally enjoying the occasional victories, but without having defined objectives, I couldn’t utilise them and was unable to achieve my desires. To … Continue reading A life without gain