Busy lives

An excuse people always use not to invest in themselves is that their lives are “too busy”, but what are they doing with their time?

People say they are busy, but yet it’s normal routine for them to mindlessly scroll through TV channels looking for entertainment for the evening to fill the void.

How about the Internet?

If I asked you to think back on your usage over the last week did you use the Internet to look up mindless trivia, argue on social media, scroll YouTube, browse memes or watch porn?

99.9% of people have free time, they just don’t use it wisely.

Next time you go for the easy option be self-aware and think how you can be more productive with your time:

✔️ Clean the house?

✔️ Sell unwanted stuff on eBay?

✔️ Have a workout?

✔️ Learn a language?

✔️ Reflect on your goals?

Simple tweaks to your daily habits are just a small change, and in the scheme of things, don’t take as much time and effort as you think.

By making these adjustments, you have the potential to change your life.

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