What Good Is Holding Onto Hate?

In this post I share my recent woes of brick walls, delivery drivers, and multi billion dollar companies. Come and join me as I descend on my journey into an angry middle aged man.

Following In The Footsteps Of Giants

…or... How am I supposed to live up to the expectations of an exceptionally successful predecessor? In this post you will understand what you need to do when expected to live up to the expectations set by a predecessor

A Look Back: No Ambition In Life? Read This

In this look back, I focus on my post 'No Ambition In Life? Read This...' and look at my advice for giving direction for the person lacking ambition, purpose and motivation in life.

What Would You Do If You Found £120?

In this post I explore the legal, ethical, karma, just, and philosophical stance of walking off with money that you've found. What would you do if you found money that wasn't yours?

Confidence and Doubt

What is the relationship between confidence and doubt? They both have their role to play - too much confidence can make your arrogant and unlikeable, too much doubt can make you fearful and also unlikeable. In this post we explore the relationship between the two and how they drive you to succeed.

All About You: How Egocentric Bias Is Clouding Your Perspective

Egocentric bias is a cognitive bias hat heavily influences people’s points of view when looking at life. It can interfere as people place to much importance on themselves. This post explores the concept and provides some tips to try and ensure you stay more critical - considering outside perspectives in your thinking.

I Switched Off Social Media For 31 Days: How Did I Survive?

Last month I decided it was time for a switch off from social media. Throughout May I spent the next 31 days with the intention of cutting down on some platforms (YouTube), and having a complete switch off others (in a personal capacity) all together (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).  What happened during my social media … Continue reading I Switched Off Social Media For 31 Days: How Did I Survive?

I Took A Blog Break. Here’s What Happened…

Thinking about taking a blogging break? In this post I look at my reluctance to take a break from blogging, and what changed my mind. Where my fears about taking a time out realised?

The 31 Day Social Media Switch Off Challenge 2022 

Call me insensitive, call me judgemental, call me whatever you like... ... but LinkedIn is not the place you should be to declare to your network that a family member has died of cancer.  Yes I'm sorry for your loss but with personal tragedy I choose to keep quiet on social media as I don’t … Continue reading The 31 Day Social Media Switch Off Challenge 2022 

If They Can Do It, So Can You!

Do you feel afraid when putting content online? You worry that people will laugh or worse no one will care at all? This post explores the risk/reward of being willing to put your content out there.

How To Deal With A Bragger

It was the late eighties when my family went back up North to return home, though as a toddler, I had no memories of where I was from, so the concept didn’t mean much.  But here I was back knowing none of the children in this new neighbourhood.  My loneliness didn't last long as I … Continue reading How To Deal With A Bragger

How To Get Your Colleagues To Meet The Deadline

As a Project Manager, my responsibility is to ensure that the people I work with are contributing the required information by a specified date.  One of the struggles I’ve found moving into a management role is the expectation that I need to make people take action.  I know there are people who relish the opportunity … Continue reading How To Get Your Colleagues To Meet The Deadline