Is Artificial Intelligence The Big Blogging Trend of 2023?

Over the past few years we have seen a growth in artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can support writing. Some of these have become so advanced you can generate a post in a matter of seconds. For those who don't enjoy the process of writing blog content, this is an option many are turning to. The question is - what does this mean for the future of blogging? What threat does this pose for the creatives?

The State of Blogs in 2022: Is Blogging Dead?

Is blogging dead? There has been a lot of discussion this year about the future of this medium. In this post I look at the threats that impact the popularity of blogging, and how with a competitive market blogging can still have a place in your creative endeavours.

This Is Not The End

This week I return (briefly) reflecting on my blogging break.

Other Posts I Like: Finding My Passion…

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A Furious RANT About Blogging in 2022

I won’t lie I’m tired. You might even say burnt out. But something compels me again and again to sit down on evening and weekends in a regular ritual bashing away on a keyboard crafting words together. Does one do this for validation? No, I would have given up years ago if that was the … Continue reading A Furious RANT About Blogging in 2022

How To Write A 1000 Word Blog: Copy This Framework

It's an established fact that search engines favour longer posts over 1000+ words However when it comes to writing something more substantial, it can be difficult to coordinate. This post shows a simple outline framework to help you structure writing longer posts.

I Hate Writing Posts Like This…

This week I have failed to meet my weekly deadline. When life gets in the way, you unfortunately have to put your greater priorities first...

2022 Goals Review (Quarter One)

Towards the close of 2021, I decided to share a review of how my goals had gone in the year.  This was done more to keep myself accountable, and motivated, so I was surprised when the post was well received by my regular readers (thank you!). Therefore, at the risk of over staying my welcome, … Continue reading 2022 Goals Review (Quarter One)

The Ultimate Guide For Building Long Term Blogging Habits

Introduction: It’s that time of year again...  Logging into WordPress a notification popped up to inform me it was my eight year blogging anniversary.  WordPress 8 Year Anniversary. Eight years maintaining a regular blogging habit, being driven to keep going, and having the mindset to push through difficult times, where my vision has given me … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide For Building Long Term Blogging Habits

How to Write the Perfect About Me Page For Your WordPress Blog

Last week I was checking out a blog from someone who had recently commented on my post.  Something I always do when exploring a new blog is  check out the ‘About Me’ page.   If you're not familiar with this, it’s a default page that creates on any new blog, allowing YOU the creator to … Continue reading How to Write the Perfect About Me Page For Your WordPress Blog

Featured Elsewhere: Are You Feeling Behind in Life? Read This

Welcome back... This week I was honoured to be published on the website Addicted2Success. Addicted2Success often features in the top ten of recommended personal development websites, so right now I'm on another stratosphere to know my words are now included amongst a codex of priceless information. My article is called Are You Feeling Behind In … Continue reading Featured Elsewhere: Are You Feeling Behind in Life? Read This

2021 End Of Year Goals Review

This week I wanted to talk about goals.... my goals to be precise.  I’m usually quite private to discuss these, I believe more in showing not telling.  But because I haven’t achieved as much as I would have like in 2021, I decided to share with three aims:  Give insight into the goals setting process … Continue reading 2021 End Of Year Goals Review