Recently I’ve been thinking of what makes a confident person?

Previous preconceptions made me view someone with inner self-confidence as someone who is comfortable voicing their opinions. They have a tone of contempt and arrogance, being unwilling to back down on their beliefs. Typically in a group they tend to dominate and make themselves stand-out.

But my understanding isn’t technically correct as often the loudest person in the room is doing so as a front, trying to compensate for their own lack of self-esteem.

When I began researching what makes a highly confident person, I began to find the same types of attributes being listed again and again.

Below I’ve put together the following list to define The 42 Habits of A Highly Confident Person

What habits does a highly confident person possesses?


  1. don’t need motivation from external sources to get things done.
  2. find happiness from within.
  3. are assertive communicators.
  4. don’t take themselves too seriously.
  5. don’t judge others.
  6. don’t belittle others to build themselves up.
  7. practice self-compassion
  8. are resilient.
  9. recover from failure quicker.
  10. don’t fear failure.
  11. don’t do things for the validation and approval of others.
  12. can carry out their duties without needing constant direction.
  13. doesn’t crave attention.
  14. realise importance of prioritising their needs first.
  15. recognise their strengths and limitations.
  16. aren’t afraid to ask for help.
  17. are persistent.
  18. celebrate the achievements of others.
  19. know how to promote their successes appropriately.
  20. don’t view the success of others as a threat to their own achievements.
  21. are ambitious.
  22. know how to push their potential.
  23. have a clear vision.
  24. have goals and/or a system for regular achievement.
  25. take opportunities
  26. recognise what they can control.
  27. are able to learn from and let go of the past.
  28. own mistakes, take personal responsibility.
  29. respect differing opinions of others.
  30. stand up for what they believe in.
  31. stand up for others who are vulnerable.
  32. choose their battles wisely
  33. recognise when they have done a good job.
  34. take any positive feedback with grace.
  35. take any negative feedback with humility and learning.
  36. can prioritise.
  37. will only say ‘yes’ to something if they can commit and/or really want to.
  38. look after their body and mind.
  39. have good posture.
  40. make eye contact and good body language.
  41. will admit when they are wrong.
  42. aren’t afraid to change their mind.
Image from Pixabay

This isn’t a definitive list, I’m sure there are attributes I’ve overlooked, and some you may argue aren’t necessarily unique for someone with high confidence. Therefore I would love to know your thoughts…

  • Do any of these attributes stand-out to you?
  • Do you know someone who displays a good number of the habits? Or can you think of someone famous like this?
  • Is there anything I have missed?
  • Or anything that you disagree with?

Stayed tuned, I’m looking at writing a post on every single one of these attributes…

Thanks for stopping by.

Wishing you great success

James @Perfect Manifesto

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