Following In The Footsteps Of Giants

…or... How am I supposed to live up to the expectations of an exceptionally successful predecessor? In this post you will understand what you need to do when expected to live up to the expectations set by a predecessor

It’s Not Me – It’s You

Be sceptical how much blame you take when in a toxic relationship. It might be a case that it isn't you - it's them! In this post I explore attributes of people pleasers always willing to accept they are at fault, and challenge you to think about what are the facts, and what are just feelings...

A Look Back: No Ambition In Life? Read This

In this look back, I focus on my post 'No Ambition In Life? Read This...' and look at my advice for giving direction for the person lacking ambition, purpose and motivation in life.

Confidence and Doubt

What is the relationship between confidence and doubt? They both have their role to play - too much confidence can make your arrogant and unlikeable, too much doubt can make you fearful and also unlikeable. In this post we explore the relationship between the two and how they drive you to succeed.

Despise The Free Lunch

Beware anything that comes for free. Whether it's being offered a free ebook, favour, or free lunch, beware that this may come at a cost. Some people use freebies as a sales tactic, to coerce the obliging to return the favour. In this post I share a story of getting caught up in being literally offered 'the free lunch'

Always Giving Yourself To Others?: Why It’s Okay To Put YOU First!

A study found that 74% of people feel overwhelmed and unable to copy. Yet for many of us we will put the needs of others before our own. In this post I argue the importance of putting yourself first and highlight the benefits of having some 'you' time

How To Get Your Colleagues To Meet The Deadline

As a Project Manager, my responsibility is to ensure that the people I work with are contributing the required information by a specified date.  One of the struggles I’ve found moving into a management role is the expectation that I need to make people take action.  I know there are people who relish the opportunity … Continue reading How To Get Your Colleagues To Meet The Deadline

3 Life Lessons From Never Split the Difference: By Chris Voss

Chris Voss is a former FBI Negotiator.  Using his knowledge and experience of negotiation he setup the Black Swan Group, which offers training courses utilising the techniques he learnt to help business and leadership professionals. His book Never Split the Difference explains the approaches he used in the FBI.  What makes it more interesting than … Continue reading 3 Life Lessons From Never Split the Difference: By Chris Voss

No Ambition In Life? Read This…

As I creep towards 40, I often think how my life would have been different if I’d had no ambition.  I know if I hadn’t been driven in my twenties knowing I was capable of so much more that I would probably still be working in the same dead-end job, probably single with no prospects … Continue reading No Ambition In Life? Read This…

How To Be A More Assertive Confident Communicator

Assertiveness is about taking a positive, direct approach allowing you to resolve problems and address issues. It's clear confident people are assertive communicators... but how do they do it?

The Hardest Decision I Ever Made…

Whilst at university... Whilst at university, I met a guy on my course who happened to be from the same town as me.  As we were living over 100 miles from our home town and the course only had 23 people taking it, I figure the odds of that happening were pretty small.  Because of … Continue reading The Hardest Decision I Ever Made…

Starting a New Job: How to Defeat Imposter Syndrome

New job... and imposter syndrome returns... Recently I’ve been offered a new job, after a number of issues in my current role I decided to make the difficult decision to make the move trying something a bit different to what I’m doing.  Although this is a slight change in the career path I envisioned, it … Continue reading Starting a New Job: How to Defeat Imposter Syndrome