Manifesto Reinvented

When I first started this blog, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing… In some ways I still don’t know… But I do know I’m better at this, than when I first started… And that’s what you want in life, isn’t it?... Origins… Originally a space to keep accountable to my goals, Perfect … Continue reading Manifesto Reinvented

What is your mantra?

What is your mantra? Several years ago, I was invited to a job interview. Arriving in usual early fashion, I perched myself on a bench inside Leeds train station, killing time with last-minute research. Prior to the interview I was a wreck. Getting this job wasn’t about a promotion or more money – it was … Continue reading What is your mantra?

Lesson in assertiveness: Time is precious

Lesson in assertiveness: Time is precious This weekend I enjoyed a pub lunch with friends. As my schedule is really busy it's a great opportunity see people I haven't seen for a while. I enjoyed the catchup so so much I finished off the meal with a digestif at the bar. Afterwards we headed back … Continue reading Lesson in assertiveness: Time is precious

The interview: Tell me about yourself

One of my favourite interview questions is: "So... Tell me about yourself?" I like this question, not because it's particular good or useful but because it's so vague that without prior thought and preparation it's sure to go wrong. It's certainly the best question to hear funny anecdotes of bad responses. "Yes... well... my names … Continue reading The interview: Tell me about yourself

Networking tips: be the useful expert

Networking tips: be the useful expert When I first started working I  viewed networking as a bunch of people who don't know each other at some event making small talk and handing out business cards. Because cold approaching a stranger made me feel uncomfortable, I shunned networking, accepting the created view it was nothing but … Continue reading Networking tips: be the useful expert

Aim Higher

Many of us setting goals severely underestimate the value of our potential and our ability to aim higher. By the low expectations we have and the lack of self-belief in ourselves mean we are living a life of constant underachievement. We seethe in the corner as people we perceive as 'arrogant' get all the breaks - all … Continue reading Aim Higher

On confidence

Over the last several years I have been on a mission to increase my confidence.  I am better than I used to be but still have some bad habits.  Until recently I was blissfully unaware until I got some feedback from my last job interview "you know your stuff but you need to show more … Continue reading On confidence


Fēijī - it means Airplane in Mandarin Chinese. When I was at University we had the option to do an  additional language course on top of the regular degree.  As it was evening study the courses weren't too popular as most students were too busy getting drunk.  But studying Business it seemed logical to learn Mandarin. Upon … Continue reading Fēijī

How to answer the interview question – What is your weakness?

A common question asked at interviews is "What is your strength and what is your weakness?" I have heard a number of methods for answering this question and thought I would focus onthe second part of this question as usually people are quite good about talking about a particular area that they excel in. The … Continue reading How to answer the interview question – What is your weakness?


I had been told I had been ready for the next level for the last three months. The only problem was where I worked has recently had a freeze on recruitment, so I didn't have any opportunities to move up. So I grew restless and impatient and decided to look for work elsewhere. It never … Continue reading Vision…

My own world

I had finished University and I thought "What do I want to do with my life?" I decided that I wanted to help people and took on a voluntary job for an environmental charity.  It was interesting to see how unorganised the voluntary sector was.  My job title where I 'worked' was called 'Campaign Officer' … Continue reading My own world

Sorry about that…

I really think we say sorry too much. If I clash with someone coming out of the gents as I am going in 9 times out of 10 I hear "oh sorry..." Why do you need to be sorry?  Isn't excuse me a more appropriate word? I couldn't help but think we say sorry too … Continue reading Sorry about that…