Good Mentor/Bad Mentor

As I try to make my way up the career ladder I have found the support of others is essential.  I really do miss having a good mentor to coach me and call me out on any bullshit though. I have a number of experiences of 'mentors'  - one was good, one was bad. Good Mentor … Continue reading Good Mentor/Bad Mentor

Fighting the Forces of Negativity

This week has been my most testing time in my new job. I have been optimistic and upbeat since starting, but this is the first week where I seem to have been fighting the forces of negativity from all sides. With people leaving, going on holiday or being off sick, things look light on the ground. … Continue reading Fighting the Forces of Negativity

System: The Power of Three

I have had a bit of a hiatus from posting recently. Since starting the blog I have been well disciplined to ensure that there has been new content every week (or more) because when I started I knew that I did not want to be one of the those blogs that post inconsistently and started … Continue reading System: The Power of Three

The Assertive Rules List

To meet my need to be more assertive, I decided to develop a list of rules that I will follow to ensure that I am not being a pushover. These are quite personal to me and is a guideline on how to put being assertive into practice. Charity begins at home. Don't be sorry when … Continue reading The Assertive Rules List

One Way System Hell: The Road Trip to Leicester

Goal: Drive to a new place One of my new year goals was to drive somewhere new.  It was over a year since I past my driving test and my main experience was the commute to work. When I decided to do a race in the Midlands I saw it as a chance to push those … Continue reading One Way System Hell: The Road Trip to Leicester

10 years later…

My lack of progress in the job market has partly been down to my own fault, as I gradually developed an apathy to getting a better job around the time I started writing this blog. But in my defense the last 10 years career was has been a lot of let downs and disappointments, which … Continue reading 10 years later…

Nobody starts a new job in January

I arrive 45 minutes early.  I sip a drink to keep my throat moist in preparation for all the talking I was about to do. I fumble through the notes ready for the interview.. I set myself the goal of getting a new job.  I wanted this, firstly for my own professional development and because … Continue reading Nobody starts a new job in January

The rise and fall of an open mic comedian

When I went to University, I was distracted by my desire to have a go at standup comedy.  During lectures I would be scribble down jokes instead of paying attention.  Eventually I had fleshed out my ideas into a five-minute set.  Was it funny?  There was only one way to find out, so I arranged my first … Continue reading The rise and fall of an open mic comedian

The Wisdom of aquentances

Acquaintances may be friends of friends, people you work with, neighbours, professionals. You may not say hello to them if you saw them in the street and you probably wouldn't rush to help or give them a shoulder to cry on. They may be the same to you, however sometimes their advice is the most … Continue reading The Wisdom of aquentances