Despise The Free Lunch

Beware anything that comes for free. Whether it's being offered a free ebook, favour, or free lunch, beware that this may come at a cost. Some people use freebies as a sales tactic, to coerce the obliging to return the favour. In this post I share a story of getting caught up in being literally offered 'the free lunch'

Dealing with the negative

I bumped into someone from my old team the other day.  With her was my replacement who had begun the role a month ago.  I am not rude and didn't want to blank her, so I began talking to her so that she wasn't just sat back observing our conversation.  I introduced myself and asked … Continue reading Dealing with the negative

The Game of Thrones and the Laws of Power: Law 2

For anyone who has read a Song of Ice and Fire or watched Game of Thrones.  One of the main themes is about power - various players vie for control of the kingdom of Westeros (or at least become a powerful player). The 48 Laws of Power is a book I recently read that illustrates … Continue reading The Game of Thrones and the Laws of Power: Law 2