Aim Higher

Many of us setting goals severely underestimate the value of our potential and our ability to aim higher. By the low expectations we have and the lack of self-belief in ourselves mean we are living a life of constant underachievement. We seethe in the corner as people we perceive as 'arrogant' get all the breaks - all … Continue reading Aim Higher

5 Habits To Adopt

Life is short, some people choose to waste their free time doing much of nothing, others spend free time on interesting hobbies, improving themselves and developing skills that they can use later in life. Here are the five habits you should be doing. Reading I am someone who has never been an avid reader, usually … Continue reading 5 Habits To Adopt

Be SMART to achieve your New Year Resolution goals.

In some ways I despise New Year resolutions. It makes me think of the insincerity of people, setting these meaningless platitudes to impress others without any intent to change, rather than for their own self-worth. In other ways I think it is a good habit to develop - as something that should be done four … Continue reading Be SMART to achieve your New Year Resolution goals.