What’s in a word?

I don’t like the use of needless profanity, despite research suggesting that those who swear are more intelligent, I have to disagree – it shows a lack of education, a control of temperament and class.

Put it this way I worked in child protection and I met some people who were ridiculously foul mouthed – those people weren’t completing their master’s degree.  Hell, some of those people couldn’t even get a job shoveling shit.

Well look what I just did, I contradicted myself by swearing – I should emphasises why.

I am not against swearing – I am just against it being used frivolously without any added value or purpose (which is why I can’t watch any Melissa McCarthy movie).

However the occasional swear can be used effectively in both a comedic and effective way.

For someone who doesn’t swear to come out with a swear shows how impactful the situation is.

And a comedian who carefully pics his swear, can make a joke that is much funnier (although that is also down to timing, structure and wording).

Here is swearing used ineffectively – she looks childish, annoying and comes off as screeching harpy.

Want to see an effective swear.  Look at Gone with the wind – ‘”Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”

I am refering back to an age when damn was considered bad language, and back in 1939 – this response left the audience shocked.

But how important does it emphasis the situation where this gentlemen, who has put up with all the drama from Scarlett O’Hara turns around and just shows he doesn’t care less.

Then he walks round, puts his hat off and walks off.


No problem with swearing – it doesn’t take intelligence to swear, but it takes intelligence to swear in an impactful manner.

2 thoughts on “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn

    1. Thank you Gloria, I had to reference Gone with the wind because it is so iconic and that line is so famous, yet it interested me that it caused such shock at the time, illustrates how language evolves and changes in such a short space of time.

      All the best

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