Fight Club: Raymond K Hessel – a near life experience

Fight Club, an entertaining book and film has many teachings for life – not just on masculinity but also on self-improvement, motivation and making the most out of your potential.

One of the most compelling scenes is when Tyler Durden or the Narrator (depending on whether you are consuming the film or book version), puts a gun to convenience store worker Raymond K Hessel’s head and threatens to pull the trigger unless they go back on track to realising their potential.

The stories protagonists enact a very extreme way of encouraging someone to pull themselves together and stop wasting their potential.  A near-life experience.

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What can Fight Club teach about life?

I love Fight Club, it is my favourite film and a great piece of fiction.  I think it has many relevent teachings for life.

Reading for the first time, I was influenced by the book so much I thought “what the hell am I doing with my life.”

Upon repeat watching and reading of Fight Club, I realised it was essential for any man to experience.  It teaches many things about life, from masculinity to our role in society.


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