How To Be More Decisive When Overwhelmed With Information

Do you find the amount of information out there difficult to make a decisive decision? In this article I explore tactics to stop you getting overwhelmed and manage the overload, so you can use your decision making energy in the situations where it matters most!

One small, positive step…

One small, positive step… One positive change to your daily routine is a powerful thing. If you spend one minute a day doing something to make your life better, that’s over six hours a year. If you followed this path for for another nine years, you would have spent sixty hours investing in a positive … Continue reading One small, positive step…

Handling Pressure: Lessons From The SAS

In two situations that are relatively the same, why do two different people react in different ways? One responds having a meltdown and being unable to function.The other is unmoved by the situation and responds in a calm manner, handling the problem. The answer lies in the individual's ability to handle pressure - an invaluable … Continue reading Handling Pressure: Lessons From The SAS

Out of step (with the world)

Several years ago my life was a mess, despite ambition and a strong work ethic, I saw little to no results. With hindsight my priorities were out of order I was volunteering for an environmental charity where I was focused on trying to make the world better.  This was not making life better and I … Continue reading Out of step (with the world)

Use SMART objectives to achieve your goals

The most common about approach to setting successful goals are usually the best and I am sure that you have heard of SMART objectives. But I don’t like to assume - if you have been hiding under a rock, here is what they mean: S – Specific To be specific about what the goal is, … Continue reading Use SMART objectives to achieve your goals