My hell

5 months ago I was in my own personal hell at work.

The situation had been gradually declining for the past year at work and despite subtle warning signs I did not take any action to advert the slump and would carry on regardless.

I had become angry, even though I knew this was not me. Continue reading “My hell”


Panic attack! …. Death? It’s Funny? ha! ha!

So what next?

This week was the first time I missed my weekly deadline since starting Manifesto of Perfection.

I am kind of pissed off about it, as the blog always represented my desire to do something constructive and keep accountability of my self-development.  If I get in the habit of missing weekly writings how can I be accountable?

Illness got in the way of routine and that felt like an excuse.  I made time to see the final 10 hours of Breaking Bad.  I had a sore throat, this did not impede my ability to write. Continue reading “Panic attack! …. Death? It’s Funny? ha! ha!”