Vegetarian FAQ/James vs The Whale

I am not really sure if I have mentioned my vegetarian diet (or probably more accurate - pescetarian diet), since my most recent post.  It is something that always is brought up as small talk at any wedding/dinner party/funeral and I thought I would write about it. How long have you been a veggie? I … Continue reading Vegetarian FAQ/James vs The Whale

Are you fat because of your medication?

One of the biggest excuses I hear for not losing weight is medication. And I use the word 'excuse' because 99% of the time, it isn't medication but an individuals choice of lifestyle. But when I make this point I am told to shut up because "she is really trying and has been struggling with … Continue reading Are you fat because of your medication?

Gym observations

I have been going to the gym for over 12 years now.  Naturally this gives me the god-given right to judge everyone in my path.  Here are things I have observed over the years. Men in the free weights area with big upper bodies - they seem to wear track suit bottoms a lot, therefore … Continue reading Gym observations