Workout to eat

A small trap to get into when working out is that desire to eat more. You will either feel that you have 'earned' the right to eat more just because you have worked out or your metabolism goes crazy and your blood sugar is low, so the temptation is to grab anything in sight.  I … Continue reading Workout to eat

Sweating over weight loss

When I woke up and realised that I had gained a lot of weight, I knew it wasn't going to be easy - I didn't have that same motivation or self-control and I certainly wasn't as fit as I used to be. I had gone up to 14 stone 6 lbs (91.4 kg).   This … Continue reading Sweating over weight loss

Race Day Mistakes

From my experience of racing (i.e. running and obstacle races) I have noted a number of mistakes.  Because I am not perfect, I have even done a few myself: Drinking the night before This might seem an obvious mistake, but at nearly every obstacle race I have seen someone do this. I find this surprising … Continue reading Race Day Mistakes

The danger of Fat Acceptance

With my weight gain, it made me realise how it easy to lose control and gain wait.  More worryingly I could neglect this or have an accident that stops my ability to exercise more than I consume.  Fortunately I have that level of control where I think enough is enough and do something about (usually … Continue reading The danger of Fat Acceptance

Things I Wish I Knew When I First Joined A Gym

I have been going to the gym for a long time, along the way I have learnt a lot of things - some which took longer than others. Here is a list of things that I wish I knew when I first joined the gym: The Importance of Nutrition: When I first joined the gym … Continue reading Things I Wish I Knew When I First Joined A Gym

Vegetarian FAQ

I am not really sure if I have mentioned my vegetarian diet (or probably more accurate - pescetarian diet), since my most recent post.  It is something that always is brought up as small talk at any wedding/dinner party/funeral and I thought I would write about it. How long have you been a veggie? I … Continue reading Vegetarian FAQ

10 Miles Into The Longest Run…

The Spartan Beast was a huge achievement in many ways - it was the longest distance I have run and the longest period of time that I have had my fitness tested over. How did I get through this? I powered myself with protein bars, energy gels, energy bars, nuts, fruit, water, Lucozade Sport. Yet when … Continue reading 10 Miles Into The Longest Run…

Herbal Life Zombies

The other day I had a nightmare. I went to the gym and the guy on reception decided to make small talk, which sounded out of character. He constructed sentences in what sounded like a sales pitch. It turned out he was, he mentions some amazing nutritional product called herbal life which seemed to specialise … Continue reading Herbal Life Zombies

7 Mindset Hacks To Help You Lose Weight

Being in an office for local government I am constantly surround by middle-aged women who constantly seem to be on a 'diet'. It is quite amusing to hear women talk about weight loss - I'll honest I never thought people congratulated themselves because they lost 'half a pound' since there last weigh in at the local … Continue reading 7 Mindset Hacks To Help You Lose Weight

Does health and fitness information overload stop progress?

Since I started blogging I have made more effort to read the blogs of others. However within the last couple of weeks I started feeling apprehensive about the whole process.  Because this blog is about my obsession with perfection much of my time is spent looking at the fitness blogs. What blows my mind is … Continue reading Does health and fitness information overload stop progress?

How To Set A Good Nutrition System

So I read the new Scott Adams book. Of particular interest was his idea of having a system, against having goals. Basically he says goals are for losers as they are short term and when the goal is reached (such as losing 5lbs), a person will go back to their old habits and put the … Continue reading How To Set A Good Nutrition System

The Importance of Diet With Exercise

What the hell are we putting into our bodies? About three years ago I was having a 'recovery' drink in the form of a very sugary, high glucose Lucozade. I had started getting into the habit of looking at the calorie content of any food I ate and was kind of shocked to see this … Continue reading The Importance of Diet With Exercise