Being in an office for local government I am constantly surround by middle-aged women who constantly seem to be on a ‘diet’.

It is quite amusing to hear women talk about weight loss – I’ll honest I never thought people congratulated themselves because they lost ‘half a pound’ since there last weigh in at the local slimming club.  (To me that is like giving yourself a pat on the back because you finished half a race).

I do pick out a lot of the same old mistakes, but try to guide them positively.  I have been training for over 12 years now and have a good knowledge of what makes a good diet for the last 3 years.

Sometimes this knowledge does get misinterpreted…

A ‘Slimming World’ regular was lamenting in the kitchen that they had put 2lbs of weight on since last week.  I explained the concept of water weight – that is the human body is around 50% – 75% water, therefore the 2lbs weight gain may be due to having more water in the system.

How did she respond to the sage advice to not worry over a couple of pounds loss/gain?  She decided that the next day she was going to Slimming World she would deliberately dehydrate herself.

Another young girl, who is quite stunning seems to enjoy her alcohol and will make up for this by going on a diet of no food or soup only.  I fear that once she gets a few years older she will rapidly go downhill.

I observe a good chunk of the women’s ‘diets’ – the slimming shakes, the salads, skipping lunch and without sounding bitchy I can’t say I notice any particular outstanding results, I would say the regular dieters are about the same weight they were when they started.

Part of the problem with dieting in the office is the degree of willpower needed as biscuits, sweets and cake are brought in by those who do not need to diet or who just don’t care about how they look.

My response is to ignore these temptations – people don’t even bother asking me now.  But I have heard way too much “I’m on a diet so I’ll just have one”

Suggestions to consider when being on a diet

Be accountable:

I know when I eat shit- but the difference between me and others is when I eat badly I blame myself and make a note on what needs to be done at a later date (additionally training, changing something else I will eat later to a better alternative.)

Others seem to blame everyone else:

“Oh… I wish everyone would stop bringing cake in”,

“I’m certain Greggs pump out the smell of bacon sandwiches to get you to buy one when you go past

“I wouldn’t drink so much, but I always need a few glasses of wine after work”.

Be in control

People who diet the most seem to know only a little bit more about healthy eating than those who don’t diet at all.  By being in control you have to educate yourself.  Get down the library and read books about nutrition and learn to cook so you know what goes in your meals

Dieters who are not in control are victims to shakes and fad diets.  When they stop, they balloon the weight back on.

I feel truely being in control of your diet is when you don’t feel like your on a diet anymore.

Have willpower

My colleagues would have more success with their diets if they had better willpower.  It is difficult being in an office where unhealthy offerings are being brought in, you could change jobs, but all the time and effort doing that could be put in to saying ‘no’.

When you decide to eat bad things, think “What’s in it for me.”  If you remember that by abstaining you can spend a bit less time at the gym, fit in a wedding dress or that you will have more appetite for the nice healthy meal your going to cook later, then your willpower will be strong.

Final note – food cravings are a part of our psychology, that’s why it feels so hard to stay way from temptation.

Eat appropriately

Balance out your meals carefully – stick to eating three well balanced meals a day, with healthy snacks in between.  Don’t starve yourself and then stuff yourself at the end of the day with a large meal and a bottle of wine.

I recognise that people have different needs – I’m a vegetarian so all the dietary advice about eating chicken is no good to me – if you follow my ‘be in control’ guideline you will be educated to know benefits of eating certain foods.

Stay hydrated

Guess what?  Drinking water speeds up your metabolism so drink it regularly.  As it has 0 calories you won’t be paying for it later unlike sugar drinks or fruit juices.

Get rid of bad influences

Some people are fat, some are getting fat and some are obese boarding on dead.  These people are not the best influences, usually blaming anyone but themselves (it’s my medication…).

These people eat takeaway three or more times a week, drink alcohol every night and go binge drinking at the weekend where the highlight of the night is eating a large pizza “to soak up the alcohol”.

If your family is fat, your friends are fat, the people you work with are fat, can you understand why you’re still fat?

Recognise the importance of hardwork

When I started training I did not recognise the importance of having a good diet to go alongside it this meant I did not get the desired results.

But it works both ways.  There are dieters who don’t want to put in exercise to weight loss.  I have found by exercising I can eat more than fat people, I can also eat bad things but because of all the hardwork I have done – I can get away with it.

Don’t just listen to me, read this article which talks about the importance of exercise to aid weight loss.


The people I work with don’t lost weight because they don’t seem educated on what they eat, relying on shakes to be a source of nutrition, giving in to willpower, skipping the gym, starving themselves and not recognising the extra calories alcohol puts on.  If you see something in yourself that is why you are not losing weight.

*REF: How Much of your body is water? Chemistry

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