Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey


As I started reading Bachelor pad economics, my first impression that this was going to be a blunt, no-nonsense approach about all things financial for men.

And I do mean all things – this covers a life cycle starting with the young man considering college/university to planning for death.

I fear if you are an idealist you may not appreciate the nature of this book, I probably would not agree with the author on everything but I found myself nodding in agreement with a lot of things said.

It even has a few laughs as the author exhibits a bit of dry humour in the cutting remarks “It’s not a real degree if it ends in studies” comes to mind.

The book has a unique value to the reader as it offers financial advice to men (with a red pill logic).  Therefore there is discreditation of feminism and some nice guys may shudder at the dating advice chapter.

The dating chapter is more of a crash course, he gives the reader various names in the manosphere perhaps recognising that his strengths are in economic advice.

It succeeds in ways many books fail where it has something to offer the reader, instead of the usual logic of “I know stuff and want to write a book”.

As I read the first section on choosing education I  couldn’t help but think I wish I’d had this advice before choosing my degrees.

Therefore it is beneficial for a man/boy to read it at the youngest age possible, that way you can get ideas on the costs that come up in life and avoiding the mistakes.

Because of the authors perspective and avice of aspects I had experienced in life, helped me trust his advice in the parts of life I had not experience

His logic arguing the potential retirement bubble bursting was frightening but well argued – presenting the economic facts on why the system is not sustainable.

The book is from an American perspective so there is talk of 401k’s, guns and American women, though to be fair a lot of his ideas can be applied to westernised societies.

From a Brit point of view it was interesting seeing the Republican political view point of the economy, as Republicans in the British media are portrayed as gun toating buffoons who are incapable of finding ‘Iraqisatan’ on a world map.

Reasons to read the book:

  • Dismissal of the education industry and increase of waste of time degrees providing access to basic jobs
  • Decline of men knowing trade skills
  • Why you shouldn’t be loyal to your job
  • Retirement, the retirement bubble and the worry about saving up adequately till your retirement
  • You’re not taken seriously until your 35 in the corporate environment
  • Minimalism (spend as little as possible and save as much as you can/reinvest)
  • How to decide if a woman is marriage material
  • Views on the cost of children and look at whether you are having children for the right reasons

This book is something every man should read, you may not agree with everything, you may not agree with Clarey’s political stance, or his views on relationships, but his stance on economics is logically written and offers a fresh perspective from a subject that has been done to death.

Buy Bachelor Pad Economics here


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