Writing your life story

I have started writing my life story.

Just by writing that statement it feels strange and narcissistic.  To write your life story you have to be a celebrity or achieve something right?

But I have been motivated to do this indirectly by family. Continue reading “Writing your life story”


Why bucket lists are bad and why you should shun them

Let’s say I asked you to put together a bucket list – a list of things that you want to do before you die.

Before reading on just take a minute to think about what those things would be.

Done it? Okay I will continue…

Without even knowing you I bet it included something of the following:

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My Worst Year

At some point in my early adult life things were stagnant.  I went to work everyday, lived with my parents at home and every once in a while I would go out with friends – usually for a trip to the cinema.

There was no relationship, no ambition, nothing except a savings account that got bigger because I never did much but work.

And then the cat I had since childhood, Tigger died. Continue reading “My Worst Year”

My favourite posts (so far)

As I reached my 50th post yesterday, I decided to take a step back and reflect on articles I have written so far.

I looked through the growing archives and I have picked out my five favourite pieces for you the reader to consider reading.

5) The Face in the Mirror

I randomly remember a guy from my early adult years, who was pretty irrelevant – until he killed himself.  This made me think about how I could avoid becoming that person. Continue reading “My favourite posts (so far)”

The Face in the Mirror

The Face in the Mirror: When I first started working I wanted to do something in the evening.  So I went to a creative writing classes.  I was the only male in attendance, surrounded by women who were 40+

It was basically a forum for people to present ideas on the books that they would never get round to writing.

Then Dave joined up.  A guy approaching his 40’s, fat, unshaven, no style and little confidence.  I was still just a kid but even I could make eye contact with post menopause women.

The only interest I remember him having was that he liked Doctor Who and wrote fan fiction about it. Continue reading “The Face in the Mirror”

Panic attack! …. Death? It’s Funny? ha! ha!

So what next?

This week was the first time I missed my weekly deadline since starting Manifesto of Perfection.

I am kind of pissed off about it, as the blog always represented my desire to do something constructive and keep accountability of my self-development.  If I get in the habit of missing weekly writings how can I be accountable?

Illness got in the way of routine and that felt like an excuse.  I made time to see the final 10 hours of Breaking Bad.  I had a sore throat, this did not impede my ability to write. Continue reading “Panic attack! …. Death? It’s Funny? ha! ha!”

Review: Bachelor Pad Economics

Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey


As I started reading Bachelor pad economics, my first impression that this was going to be a blunt, no-nonsense approach about all things financial for men.

And I do mean all things – this covers a life cycle starting with the young man considering college/university to planning for death.

I fear if you are an idealist you may not appreciate the nature of this book, I probably would not agree with the author on everything but I found myself nodding in agreement with a lot of things said. Continue reading “Review: Bachelor Pad Economics”