How to win friends and influence people

I have recently read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People - a book that is probably one of the most famous self-improvement books ever published. From reading a number of self-improvement or business books, at some point How to Win Friends... is usually referenced at some point, but despite this I had never bothered … Continue reading How to win friends and influence people

3 Insightful Self-Improvement Reads

I always read self-help books on various subjects - it can be about careers, business, relationships, fitness or just living a better life, it is always a good source to get ideas and influence for self-improvement goals. There are a lot of crap books, lots of good ones and then there are those that change … Continue reading 3 Insightful Self-Improvement Reads

3 great self-improvement websites

If you are like me and enjoy a lazy Sunday going on the Internet, but like to spend your time as productively as possible.  Might I suggest some website for you to visit today and why I think they are great. 1. TED I will get the obvious one out of the way.  I am … Continue reading 3 great self-improvement websites

Fix it! – Bike Maintenance Course review

As part of my drive to fix my bike and cycle it regularly, I decided that I would improve my skills so I felt confident to make basic repairs on my bike. I typed in Bike Maintenance course into Google and came up with the Fix it! class run by the people at Evans Cycles.  So … Continue reading Fix it! – Bike Maintenance Course review

Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder

Hey ho, let's go... insane at Badass Mudder:  On a very hot, humid Saturday morning my friend Tom and I took part in the Badass Mudder obstacle race at the River Lune, Lancaster. We crashed over at friends, so had a pleasant 30 minutes drive through the country.  When we saw the Badass sign with … Continue reading Hey ho, let’s go… insane at Badass Mudder

Review: The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime, is a book that inspires but also makes you feel terrible that you are not a multi-millionaire. The Millionare Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime: Viperion Publishing MJ DeMarco,  highlights the way to becoming wealthy … Continue reading Review: The Millionaire Fastlane

Review: Jessica Ennis – Unbelievable

Review: Jessica Ennis - Unbelievable:      To inspire my training for Badass Mudder I have utilised my library membership reading the biographies of a number of athletes to inspire me and to get an understanding on the way of the winner. I started off with Jessica Ennis - Unbelievable. Unfortunately a few pages in you are … Continue reading Review: Jessica Ennis – Unbelievable

Review: Bachelor Pad Economics

Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey   As I started reading Bachelor pad economics, my first impression that this was going to be a blunt, no-nonsense approach about all things financial for men. And I do mean all things - this covers a life cycle starting with the young man considering college/university to planning for … Continue reading Review: Bachelor Pad Economics

Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still win big

Scott Adams (author of Dilbert) has written a pretty good self-improvement book that kind of borders on a biography, called How to Fail at almost everything and still win big. The book approaches self-development by looking at mistakes in hindsight that Scott had made and reflecting on what he.  This was something I found quite … Continue reading Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still win big

Major Series North: Review

On Sunday I took part in the Major Series, in the Northern heat in Wetherby.  The weather was sunny, although very windy, so it got cold quick if you weren't moving. This was my second obstacle race, with Spartan being my first.  The distance was more than the Spartan, being between 10-12km. There was an … Continue reading Major Series North: Review