This week I wanted to share an old post I wrote way back in 2017.

This post will always have fond memories as I view it as my first good post, and was the first time I thought, maybe I can be half decent at this writing lark.

However I did have worries, wondering if I would be able to write anything this good again.  I like to think I proved my doubts wrong…

The background inspiration to this post was a plan to give Perfect Manifesto a “gimmick”, the type of things that you see in “mission blogs”.

I thought a bucket list section where I would write a fanciful list of everything I’ve ever wanted to do, then write posts as blog I achieved each one was a good idea.

I started to Google ideas of what I wanted on my bucket list, but this made me realise if I’m having to look up ideas is it something I really want to do!

Through this process I realised how much I dislike the concept of a bucket list, and I explain my justification in this post.

Also… the post illustrates an evolution in my “writers voice” over the years, I’ve wrote this attempting to be humourous, but I don’t think all readers got that – in my repost of this on Medium someone called me “grouchy” and said it makes me sound older than I am!

I’ve switched off the comments on here, but look forward to seeing your thoughts in the original post: Why Bucket Lists Are Bad.