A Look Back: No Ambition In Life? Read This

In this look back, I focus on my post 'No Ambition In Life? Read This...' and look at my advice for giving direction for the person lacking ambition, purpose and motivation in life.

6 Considerations To Balance A Busy Life With Your Ambition

Success comes with a big price - the more you have to offer, the more people want a bigger piece of you. When you're in such demand it can be difficult balancing your busy life with your continued ambition. In this post we explore some thoughts to help you come to term with your commitments, and set the big priorities you want to focus on most.

A Look Back: Why Bucket Lists Are Bad

This week I wanted to share an old post I wrote way back in 2017. This post will always have fond memories as I view it as my first good post, and was the first time I thought, maybe I can be half decent at this writing lark. However I did have worries, wondering if … Continue reading A Look Back: Why Bucket Lists Are Bad

No Ambition In Life? Read This…

As I creep towards 40, I often think how my life would have been different if I’d had no ambition.  I know if I hadn’t been driven in my twenties knowing I was capable of so much more that I would probably still be working in the same dead-end job, probably single with no prospects … Continue reading No Ambition In Life? Read This…

Is This It?

In 2001 I left school to start working a job.  Within three months I’d mastered the basics, knowing I was doing ‘enough’ not to get fired.  Soon I started to wake up every morning thinking:  “Is this it?”  With a fear of not doing anything worthwhile in my life I enrolled in adult education classes, … Continue reading Is This It?

The Gym Dad

It was probably the fifth night my baby girl was wide awake, her preferred state of rest beingclosely embraced by a parent. Comfortable for her, but not the most productive way for my wifeand I to live. I couldn’t help feeling antsy knowing there was an early morning gym session planned, gingerly Iwent to move … Continue reading The Gym Dad

7 of the Greatest Life Lessons Everyone Should Follow

It was my birthday last month. As I get another year closer to death, here are the seven most important lessons from my life (so far): Prioritise getting your own life in order first, before you try to help anyone else I’m a massive advocate that if you haven’t sorted yourself out first, you have … Continue reading 7 of the Greatest Life Lessons Everyone Should Follow

Be the hero they see

Good day to you all, hope you are keeping sane. With isolation and no gym I've taken the opportunity to get my garden in order. It's not always easy as I'd much rather spend the time with my children than working alone outside. The other day my daughter sat down to watch the latest Secret … Continue reading Be the hero they see

How far we’ve come…

Reflection is a beneficial practice. Taking the time to sit down to examine your progress and achievements is useful for realising how far you’ve come. You’ll feel a growing sense of gratitude, when you recognise all the things in your life you have. It’s a powerful feeling knowing a lot of things you have now … Continue reading How far we’ve come…

Happy New Year! Now here is why you won’t achieve your resolution…

Happy New Year! Now here is why you won't achieve your resolution... 1st January, the time of year when things feel samey after the merriments of the holiday season. The New Year hangover kicks in, and I'm not talking about the one caused by drink, but the feeling of nothing happening, nothing changing... The month … Continue reading Happy New Year! Now here is why you won’t achieve your resolution…

The fatherhood / ambition balance

The fatherhood / ambition balance Becoming a dad for the first time is a massive change to our lives.  How do you got about balancing fatherhood with ambition?   It can be difficult to focus on wider goals with this new person in our lives.   In this post, I share my experiences being a … Continue reading The fatherhood / ambition balance

Reasons Project Managers should read history

There are numerous writings that detail the importance of why history matters, these usually appeal on the level of studying human behaviour, achievement, and understanding where we come from.  Perhaps idealistic, there is a belief that by knowing the past, the same mistakes can be avoided in future. History is valued in political and management literature … Continue reading Reasons Project Managers should read history