Why bucket lists are bad and why you should shun them

Let’s say I asked you to put together a bucket list – a list of things that you want to do before you die.

Before reading on just take a minute to think about what those things would be.

Done it? Okay I will continue…

Without even knowing you I bet it included something of the following:

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Use SMART objectives to achieve your goals

The most common about approach to setting successful goals are usually the best and I am sure that you have heard of SMART objectives.

But I don’t like to assume – if you have been hiding under a rock, here is what they mean:

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New Year Resolutions

I don’t dismiss those who set New Year resolutions.

Sure there are some elements that if they really wanted to achieve something that could have started at some other point during the other 365 days of the year.  But I think it is better than not having any goals/aims/ambitions at all! Continue reading “New Year Resolutions”

Sharing Dreams and Goals

Apart from writing a blog that discusses some of my dreams and goals, in the real world I have kept many of my goals secret.

But why would I do such a thing?

Is it because I am embarrassed by what I set?  Or is it because assume that people are quiet negative and take pleasure in pissing on the dreams of others? Continue reading “Sharing Dreams and Goals”

Dream Journal

I always thought I should have time to make a dream journal.

Although I don’t remember about 95% of my dreams It always seemed like a good idea to record all the bizarre dreams, ideas nightmares and thoughts that my brain creates while in rest before I forget it.

Last night I dreamt I was at Hogwarts school doing a French lesson, where this week we were focusing on pirate related subjects.

We went over some useful pirate themed words, then we did some useful pirate phrases such as ‘Where is the treasure’ (Ou est le treasure??).

To make it even more bizarre the teacher was using characters pictures from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films – I particular remember that she got Kiera Knightly and Penelope Cruz characters mixed up.  I did not correct this glaring error.










But what does this all mean?

Why was I dreaming about two franchises I don’t particularly have a major vested interest in?

What does this have to do with my self-improvement?

I have no idea….

The Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Destruction (Part 1)

Self-Destruction – the opposite to Self-Improvement can have a deadly effect on goals, your dreams and your life.

We are all guilty of doing these from time-to-time, however by being aware of these negative personality traits we can be more self-aware and reduce this behaviour.

Part One takes us through the first four sins.

Part Two is the final three and will be published tomorrow.



I could have done it, but….”

I was listening to someone on the bus and they were talking to a friend on the phone and proudly telling them that they got a 2:1 at University.  They sounded happy, but then they made excuses why they did not do better. Continue reading “The Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Destruction (Part 1)”

How failing goals can be good

When I first started the Manifesto of Perfection.  It functioned as a tool to meet my writing goals and more importantly as a way of keeping me accountable to the objectives I set.

Around November last year I looked back at what I had originally set out to do and was sad, as I felt that I had made little progress on certain things.

After recently having a clear out, I found various notes going back to when I was 18, that I did not complete.  One detailed how I intended to be a professional karate instructor. Continue reading “How failing goals can be good”

My favourite posts (so far)

As I reached my 50th post yesterday, I decided to take a step back and reflect on articles I have written so far.

I looked through the growing archives and I have picked out my five favourite pieces for you the reader to consider reading.

5) The Face in the Mirror

I randomly remember a guy from my early adult years, who was pretty irrelevant – until he killed himself.  This made me think about how I could avoid becoming that person. Continue reading “My favourite posts (so far)”

My big fat worthless degree


My big fat worthless degree


I saw that Captain Capitalism is having another worthless degree awareness month.

I have been thinking for a while that it was time to illustrate more failures in my life.  This is a brutal exercise I picked up from Scott Adams, that is a good learning experience.

So it’s time to talk about my worthless environmental studies MSc.

My degree is not actually called environmental studies… Continue reading “My big fat worthless degree”

Sometimes love isn’t enough

I once worked for social services.  I was involved in a case where both parents were essentially retarded.  And I don’t mean retarded in the Internet insult kind of way.

They had one kid after another, until the school of one of the kids raised a concern about their ability to protect the children.

Despite what you see on TV, the response isn’t necessarily taking children away, as that would be expensive. Continue reading “Sometimes love isn’t enough”