If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I am a big fan of the punk band – The Bouncing Souls.


One of my favourite songs by them is called Better Things.  With catchy, feel good lyrics, this makes it a classic Souls anthem.  But when I first ventured into the Gold Records lyric sheets it turned out it was not written by them, but by Ray Davies – of the Kinks.

But this did not affect my enjoyment and although I appreciate the Kinks version (and compared to their others songs I think it is vastly underrated) I will always prefer The Bouncing Souls version – because, well I like punk more.

The thing I liked best about the song was that no matter how bad things were in my life, it always gave me hope that things would get better – and as a result I would feel much better.

I had the Gold Record playing in my car the other day – but something was different, it didn’t have the same effect.  Listening to it did not give me that sense of hope.  That was because I realised that I was in a period of experiencing “Better Things”

I smiled and listened to the last verse,

“I know you got a lot of good things happening up ahead,
The past is gone, its all been said,
So here’s to what the future brings,
I hope tomorrow you’ll find better things”

No matter how bad your life gets, if you believe it and want it enough you will find Better Things.

  • James

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