The Spartan Beast was a huge achievement in many ways – it was the longest distance I have run and the longest period of time that I have had my fitness tested over.

How did I get through this?

I powered myself with protein bars, energy gels, energy bars, nuts, fruit, water, Lucozade Sport.

Yet when I got into 10 miles into the race I didn’t want anymore of those – I had enough of those sugar highs.

I craved a Sunday dinner – despite being vegetarian I craved chicken – with vegetables, potato, stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding and gravy.  I didn’t eat any of those horrible, fake nutrition things for a week.

On the way home snacks would not do it – I wanted real food.  I wasn’t going to get my Sunday dinner, but I went for the next best thing – I stopped at a service station and got a Veggie Burger Meal from Burger King.  Then when I got home I had large margarita pizza.

I realise I crave stoge when I am running on empty.

One thought on “10 Miles Into The Longest Run…

  1. I don’t wish I could say I feel your pain… it would have been a chicken dinner for me. I listen to my body. When it says, “Gimme a Porterhouse”, I comply. 😉

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