Rep Ranges for Gym Goals (Infographic)

A mistake many beginners make when they start in the gym is applying the wrong rep ranges for their intended goals. For example: I've seen people wanting to look 'ripped', yet how they train is more appropriate for someone looking to increase their 1 rep max. Enjoy this infographic I have put together to simply … Continue reading Rep Ranges for Gym Goals (Infographic)

Don’t Be Last

Deep within the island of Raasay, a bunch of rag tag civilians with something to prove are being “beasted” in a range of challenges by a group of men dressed head to toe in black. You might wonder what is going on, but this is just a filming of the British TV show SAS: Who … Continue reading Don’t Be Last

120kg squat (Part 2)

Less than a week after I talked about my effort to do a  120kg squat, for one proper rep (i.e not cheating by quarter squatting)   I achieved it! It took months and much longer than expected but I did it! Despite going to the gym for over 15 years it was one of those moments where … Continue reading 120kg squat (Part 2)

120kg squat

Around the beginning of November last year I set myself the objective to be squat 120kg one rep max by the end of January 2018. My one rep max at the time was 105kg, which I would say I performed with a "faltering" form.  The pressure of my weight pushed my back and shoulders too far forward … Continue reading 120kg squat

Be your crowd

Self-limiting beliefs are the biggest hindrance to our true potential. When you have goals, or you just want to get something done, the first battle often is fighting against these beliefs, which can sometimes use a lot of the motivation that would actually be better used to get the task done. Training to run races … Continue reading Be your crowd

10 Reasons To Run-Cycle Outdoors

I have recently got into doing more outdoor cardio. I have found myself a number of times sitting/standing in a fixed position looking at: Mirror image of myself Uninspiring motivational poster/advert Boring view of the gym car park This was all something that made gym cardio really tedious, hardwork.  This resulted in a significant reduction in … Continue reading 10 Reasons To Run-Cycle Outdoors

10 Miles Into The Longest Run…

The Spartan Beast was a huge achievement in many ways - it was the longest distance I have run and the longest period of time that I have had my fitness tested over. How did I get through this? I powered myself with protein bars, energy gels, energy bars, nuts, fruit, water, Lucozade Sport. Yet when … Continue reading 10 Miles Into The Longest Run…

Is the Seven Minute Workout Bullshit?

Through fitness blog browsing I came across a workout called: "The Scientific 7-Minute Workout"   Naturally my cynical brain thought that a workout claiming to only need to be done for seven minutes to see any real results must be bullshit. What does the seven minute workout involve? In this article from Ask Well, Chris … Continue reading Is the Seven Minute Workout Bullshit?

Find New Fitness Challenges: If not now? When?

  One of my main fitness goals has been to find new fitness challenges. After having a prevailing foot injury, I thought I was going to end up finding an activity that would not put pressure on the feet. To my relief, the worst of my injuries are gone and now it is just effort to … Continue reading Find New Fitness Challenges: If not now? When?

I’m back!

It's frustrating having an injury that stops you doing what you love. In the past two years I have made a niche for being a 5k and 10k runner, with my times gradually improving throughout the years. My favourite shot of myself taken during a race Round July I was a bit broken down - … Continue reading I’m back!

Burpee Hell

  Ahh the Burpee, you know a exercise is going to be hard, when even the physically fit seem to despise it. When I perform it I feel like my heart will explode, unfortunately when I die and go to hell the devil will have whole groups of us performing the exercise constantly.

Major Series North: Review

On Sunday I took part in the Major Series, in the Northern heat in Wetherby.  The weather was sunny, although very windy, so it got cold quick if you weren't moving. This was my second obstacle race, with Spartan being my first.  The distance was more than the Spartan, being between 10-12km. There was an … Continue reading Major Series North: Review