Self-limiting beliefs are the biggest hindrance to our true potential.

When you have goals, or you just want to get something done, the first battle often is fighting against these beliefs, which can sometimes use a lot of the motivation that would actually be better used to get the task done.

Training to run races I find that I always do my best running with the attention of the crowd.

One of the first things I wrote about was nearly quitting my first Spartan race because my leg cramped up.  It was only a random woman watching me who shouted “Don’t quit!” that I continued on running.

Read about my Spartan race here

The crowd impact always makes me perform better, which is evidenced by the fact that when I get to those remote parts in the race where no one is watching and I stuck with my limited personal thoughts and motivation I usually keeping to a steady routine.

In reflection although I didn’t want to over exert myself I probably could have pushed myself slightly faster, but my self-limiting beliefs are that if I push too hard I might injure myself or ‘hit the wall’ this resulted in keeping a comfortable pace.

When I got back to the crowd, the difference would be noticeable because I would start running faster and even in my mind I would say “What are you doing?  Your going too fast here -showing off that you are fitter than you actually are!”

I would feel that degree of discomfort, but you know what happened – I always managed to finish the race without any problems!

I have a great sprint finish for races – but it’s no coincidence I get that explosive burst of energy as the finish of the race is where most of the crowd is.  Hearing them cheer and shout, even if it is not for me but one of their own loved ones powers me through to giving a strong sprint, putting in whatever is left in me.

Racing is one thing, but we don’t have a personal crowd cheering us on to achieve our other goals – sure you can hire a personal trainer or a life coach – but this is a luxury that is out of most people’s reach.

That is why we need to be our own crowd – ignore those self-limiting thoughts and imagine that crowd in your head shouting

“Go on you can do it”

“Don’t quit”

“One more mile”

“You’re not tired yet”

“You can do a bit more!”

“Move, move, move!”


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