Roger Bannister was a middle distance runner, most well known for being the first person to run the first sub-four minute mile in 1954.

This was something not thought to be possible by sportswriters.

Once Roger reached this milestone, something changed from the breakthrough, and he was soon followed by a number of top class runners.

Over the last half of the century thousands have conquered what was once though as “impossible”.

What was done that day was more than running an impressive time, but challenging a deeply held belief.

There was something special about Roger Bannister, as with anyone who is the first to break new grounds.

It’s like with anything with humans – we have a set definition of beliefs, how we understand the world to work and know what is possible.

A lot of these are for our own understanding to protect us, we know if we throw ourselves off a cliff as an extreme example, we wouldn’t be able to start flying!

The risk-adverse approach of our mind, goes into over drive protecting us from many things.

I know my own experience of getting stronger at the deadlift was restricted by my mind trying to protect me.

Previously I had fear that lifting 100kg+ weight would cause damage to my back – it was only by seeing “normal” people lifting 250kg+ I realised how much I was holding myself back.

Whatever you are trying to achieve in life, it’s worth keeping Roger Bannister in mind – are your beliefs limiting you from success?

Are you saying you can’t do it?

What is it you fear?

Keeping pushing yourself…

“It is the brain, not the heart or lungs, that is the critical organ”

Sir Roger Bannister

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