Has something happened in your life that changed you?

Maybe it was a wake up call or an experience that made you see life in a different way.

Life changing experiences are unique in their characteristics that they are unexpected and we never know when they may happen to us.

Recently I read this true story from Hugh’s Views and News around his experience of accepting his sexuality, starting on the path of coming out of the closet.

This inspired me to write a post about my own life changing experience, which I’m delighted to say is featured over at Hugh’s Views and News as a guest post:

My Accident: A Life-Changing Experience – A True Story And Guest Blog Post By James M. Lane

This was a challenging piece to write as it was based on a horrifying experience, but something I’ve wanted to write for ages due to the profound impact it had on changing my life.

Please do check it out and many thanks to Hugh for featuring my work.

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