In many cultures this time of year is special because it marks the end of an annual cycle, another reborn year arriving coming into gradual sunnier days.

As you enjoy festivities over the next week, try and do some of the following as you prepare to exit 2020


Be grateful for the good things you do have.

Learn and grow from the mistakes and hard times you’ve experienced this year.

Accept any pain you’ve experienced and realise how it can make you stronger.


Let go of your hate from those who have wronged you

Those who have wronged you are just holding you back, making you bitter and making it more difficult to be happy.

Accept these people will no longer hold you back, especially if that person is yourself.


From the goals you have achieved, aspire to make them bigger.

Strategise what you haven’t done and identify new opportunities.


When you let go of hatred, this allows space in your consciousness.

Allow goodness in your life, looking on situations with kindness and positivity.

Let your heart be open to the love of others who care about you.

Follow the risks that scare you, but also challenge you, who knows what opportunities this will give you in future!

Every end means a new beginning…

The year end gives us the chance to let go.

2020 has been a tough year, but I’m not telling you something you didn’t already know.

But just because one year closes doesn’t mean the challenges end in 2021.

You need to stay true to yourself, your family.

Be focused, positive, and determined to win.

Embrace the next year ahead.

Thank you for your continued support over the year.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas, New Year and much prosperity.

2020 was a great opportunity to be better than yesterday, it’s exciting to think how much further 2021 will take us…

James @Perfect Manifesto.

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