The Lost Boy (Part One)

When I first became an adult, I never imagined this is where I’d be at 12 years later watching new year celebrations in my parents’ house. Where was the adventure? The good times? The romance? I didn't want to sit back and watch my life go past. The 1st January 2014 was a special day. It was the time I decided to strike back against my dissatisfaction and be accountable.

Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!

In this post I reflect back on my progress during 2022 and discuss what my priorities are for 2023.

How To Set New Year Resolutions (You Can Stick To)

As we welcome another New Year, it will be a time many people will reflect on their life and what they have done over the past year, deciding how they can change it for the better going forward.  New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity to sit down and write a list of all the things … Continue reading How To Set New Year Resolutions (You Can Stick To)

8 Nice Things You Can Do To Make People Feel Welcome At Your Gym This New Year

Happy New Year! For those of you who are regulars at the gym, you probably are warming up to let out a collective sigh in anticipation of the gyms becoming overcrowded as January welcomes the latest cohort of new members inspired to sign-up so that they can get fit and in shape for a new … Continue reading 8 Nice Things You Can Do To Make People Feel Welcome At Your Gym This New Year

How To Be A Better Human in 2021

A key value of mine is the great pleasure taken from making the life of others better. But my relationship with people can vary, dependent how they treat me. When I worked in a library I was in a role on a standard minimum wage, working inconvenient shifts, no prospect – but the customers made … Continue reading How To Be A Better Human in 2021

Happy Christmas (New Beginnings)

Rebirth... In many cultures this time of year is special because it marks the end of an annual cycle, another reborn year arriving coming into gradual sunnier days. As you enjoy festivities over the next week, try and do some of the following as you prepare to exit 2020 Reflect… Be grateful for the good … Continue reading Happy Christmas (New Beginnings)

Take the opportunity

Take the opportunity As a Project Manager, the role requires the identification and management of risk. Risk has connotations of being a bad, a quick Google search on dictionary definitions describing risk says: "a situation involving exposure to danger." and: "expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss." Both have a negative spin, … Continue reading Take the opportunity

Happy New Year! Now here is why you won’t achieve your resolution…

Happy New Year! Now here is why you won't achieve your resolution... 1st January, the time of year when things feel samey after the merriments of the holiday season. The New Year hangover kicks in, and I'm not talking about the one caused by drink, but the feeling of nothing happening, nothing changing... The month … Continue reading Happy New Year! Now here is why you won’t achieve your resolution…

Dealing with the Christmas blues

Dealing with the Christmas blues It’s Christmas! But for some this can be a challenging time of year – they may be suffering a bereavement or loss, lonely or suffering from mental health problems. Even simply saying a simple greeting: “Happy Christmas” Can feel like a slight. If you have your reasons for not enjoying … Continue reading Dealing with the Christmas blues

Gratitude 2019

As we head into 2019 - the year which will mark the anniversary of my blog running for five years, it seems the perfect opportunity to reflect what I am grateful for. To feel nothing but gratitude for the year to come is pretty poignant - I remember starting 2014, with feelings of dread as there … Continue reading Gratitude 2019

My Adult Year

And so another year ends... To sum it up it has been a busy one.  I thought I would sum it up through my health, creative, wealth and social life. Health This has been a particular let down.  I don't feel like my fitness has really returned to form - I have not had as … Continue reading My Adult Year

Nobody starts a new job in January

I arrive 45 minutes early.  I sip a drink to keep my throat moist in preparation for all the talking I was about to do. I fumble through the notes ready for the interview.. I set myself the goal of getting a new job.  I wanted this, firstly for my own professional development and because … Continue reading Nobody starts a new job in January