Gratitude 2019

As we head into 2019 - the year which will mark the anniversary of my blog running for five years, it seems the perfect opportunity to reflect what I am grateful for. To feel nothing but gratitude for the year to come is pretty poignant - I remember starting 2014, with feelings of dread as there … Continue reading Gratitude 2019


2015 – My adult year

And so another year ends... To sum it up it has been a busy one.  I thought I would sum it up through my health, creative, wealth and social life. Health This has been a particular let down.  I don't feel like my fitness has really returned to form - I have not had as … Continue reading 2015 – My adult year

Christmas Eve…

I was going to post something today.  But then I remembered that it was Christmas Eve, so thought I would leave it until everyone is back to normal. So instead, please see one of my favourite Christmas songs that never fails to put a smile on my face: Happy Christmas James

Nobody starts a new job in January

I arrive 45 minutes early.  I sip a drink to keep my throat moist in preparation for all the talking I was about to do. I fumble through the notes ready for the interview.. I set myself the goal of getting a new job.  I wanted this, firstly for my own professional development and because … Continue reading Nobody starts a new job in January