Take the opportunity

As a Project Manager, the role requires the identification and management of risk.

Risk has connotations of being a bad, a quick Google search on dictionary definitions describing risk says:

“a situation involving exposure to danger.”
“expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss.”
Both have a negative spin, focused on what one might lose should a risk be carried out.
Yet, risk can inevitably be a good thing, resulting in achieving a positive outcome, but to gain this involves putting yourself out there, with no guarantee on getting the ideal result.
If your dog was drowning, there is a risk you could drown too if you tried to save it, but if you do take the risk, you save your dogs life and achieve the benefits that come with it – not having grief from you and your family.
There maybe situations where the risk just isn’t worth going for the opportunity.
You may assess the risk and realise if you try to rescue your dog you will probably drown too (or more coldly tell yourself the dog can be replaced)
But with inaction, the risk will eventually disappear, in the above example the poor dog inevitably drowning.
I’ve chosen the above morbid example deliberately as many of us are drowning from being afraid to take the opportunity:
  • Quitting a job you hate because you don’t want to take the risk of failing in another pursuit
  • Leaving a shitty relationship because you don’t want to take the risk of being alone
  • Not going to an event to network and find new opportunities because you don’t want to take the risk of triggering your social anxieties

Okay… I admit, the last example was very personal to a situation where I am very risk averse.

Going back to Project Management, when we set plans to manage risks, “take the opportunity” is a perfect valid options for a good Project Manager should consider – creating benefits for the project or the wider business.

Take the opportunity

As 2020 begins I realise I’ve grown complacent in taking risks.

I’m comfortable in my situation and averse to acting on impulse for the impact on my decisions, doesn’t just affect me, but my family too.

But, the last year made me realise I need to do a lot more and take the opportunity when it presents itself.

A bit like Jim Carrey in Yes Man, I want to being more open to take part in the opportunities that present itself and the risks that come with it (though obviously not so much in a silly way a comedy does, being a pushover unable to assert oneself.)

For 2020 answer these questions:

Do you really want to make this your year?

Are you prepared to do what it takes to meet your resolutions?

Are you ready to take the opportunity (whatever that may be)?


Excellent!  Then let’s go get it!

Introducing Tribe Media

Thank you for reading.
Speaking of taking the opportunity, I am proud to announce I will be writing for Tribe Media,  a fantastic newsletter launching in 2020 with articles from a range of talented writers regularly contributing on the subjects of addiction, recovery and mindset; sharing honest experiences to help you find your tribe.
Personally I am very excited to be involved in  this venture, getting out of my comfort zone, writing on new topics, on a new channel for different audiences and I would love for readers of Perfect Manifesto to sign-up to the Tribe Media mailing list below:

Tribe Media – sign up now


Note: Perfect Manifesto will continue on it’s once a week schedule and you can continue to keep in touch by following the site or joining my mailing list where I continue to write about fitness, fatherhood, self-improvement and wellbeing.

Keep aiming higher, feeling good and getting results…


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