Don’t Look Back

My youngest has become quite boisterous recently...  Even when she was immobile you could see by the fire in her eyes she was going to be a handful, so when she finally figured out the mechanics behind crawling, there was no stopping her, she wants to go everywhere, including up the stairs.  As a father … Continue reading Don’t Look Back

Five Things Life Teaches You About Failure

Showing fear of failure to such an extent that you won't take on any challenges and risks shows that in many ways you have failed - at life.

With each personal failure, this is an opportunity to learn, to get better at life...

Here is what I have learned about failure by living life:

Take the opportunity

Take the opportunity As a Project Manager, the role requires the identification and management of risk. Risk has connotations of being a bad, a quick Google search on dictionary definitions describing risk says: "a situation involving exposure to danger." and: "expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss." Both have a negative spin, … Continue reading Take the opportunity

Investing in the stock market for the first time: a retrospective (Part 1)

Investing in the stock market: the risk-averse saver I have always been a good saver and back in the pre-recession days (of 2007) I enjoyed the benefits of getting a whopping 6% interest.  Not bad for low/no risk investment. But since the crash, rates have never recovered and you are lucky to get a saver … Continue reading Investing in the stock market for the first time: a retrospective (Part 1)

Life Experience: a natural cure to get over fear of failure

Today I am pleased to announce that I have done my first  post my first collaboration post with Angie over at Confessions of an Awakened Youth – a blog focused on self-improvement, mental and physical wellness, and spirituality. For this collaboration, we challenged ourselves to write a post on a set topic – our focus … Continue reading Life Experience: a natural cure to get over fear of failure

All The Past Mistakes

Of all the past mistakes I have made in my life, I don't regret a single one because if I hadn't made them I wouldn't be who I am today. Don't live life with regrets, dwelling on mistakes or failures.  The past is the past - so learn from mistakes and move on.  The only … Continue reading All The Past Mistakes

The Wisdom of aquentances

Acquaintances may be friends of friends, people you work with, neighbours, professionals. You may not say hello to them if you saw them in the street and you probably wouldn't rush to help or give them a shoulder to cry on. They may be the same to you, however sometimes their advice is the most … Continue reading The Wisdom of aquentances