Thinking About Changing Your Career? Here’s How To Do It!

For many of us when we started our career we were different people - through time it can become boring that we seek a new challenge. There are many benefits and challenges to changing your career - this post explores these, along with the steps to take to help you make the move.

My Accident: A Life-Changing Experience (Guest Post)

Has something happened in your life that changed you? Maybe it was a wake up call or an experience that made you see life in a different way. Life changing experiences are unique in their characteristics that they are unexpected and we never know when they may happen to us. Recently I read this true … Continue reading My Accident: A Life-Changing Experience (Guest Post)

The Simple Formula Which Will Help You Understand Why Change Happens (Guest Post)

Have you ever made a change to your life that went quite smoothly? On the other hand is there something you wanted to change, but found you failed again and again? This is something I went through a lot setting goals - despite having good intentions, something just didn't click. All that resulted was failing … Continue reading The Simple Formula Which Will Help You Understand Why Change Happens (Guest Post)

New Posts: May 2020

Thanks for reading, a blog dedicated to fatherhood, health and self-improvement. Check out some of the post highlights for May 2020: The Gym Dad In this post I share an anecdote illustrating the challenge of keeping fit and healthy, alongside fatherhood and how we all have the option to choose our priorities. >> Fatherhood … Continue reading New Posts: May 2020

4 elements to understand change (Infographic)

I recently wrote a new article for Tribe Media all about a formula that helps you understand why change happens. It's a useful skill to understand the basics of change management in both our personal and professional life and I wanted to share the highlights from my writing here in this infographic. 4 elements to … Continue reading 4 elements to understand change (Infographic)

How far we’ve come…

Reflection is a beneficial practice. Taking the time to sit down to examine your progress and achievements is useful for realising how far you’ve come. You’ll feel a growing sense of gratitude, when you recognise all the things in your life you have. It’s a powerful feeling knowing a lot of things you have now … Continue reading How far we’ve come…


Fēijī - it means Airplane in Mandarin Chinese. When I was at University we had the option to do an  additional language course on top of the regular degree.  As it was evening study the courses weren't too popular as most students were too busy getting drunk.  But studying Business it seemed logical to learn Mandarin. Upon … Continue reading Fēijī

Fearing the future

Ricky the temp is being his usual sassy self.  I am in an adult job now, but his bitchy manner to me feels like bullying.  All because I don’t want to divulge my sex life at work. For some reason he uses this as an opportunity to have a dig at me at every opportunity.  Normally a temp would … Continue reading Fearing the future

The First (and only) ‘Best Planner Signer’… 1997

It was the final year with Mrs Sutton as the teacher for form 9S. We had been with her since 5S (so four years).  And as each year went by we gradually molded into one of the better class groups in the school. Next we would be in Year 10 and so we would be … Continue reading The First (and only) ‘Best Planner Signer’… 1997

Road Trip to Leicester: Reflection on idealism and work

It's funny that the last time I was in Leicester I was young and idealistic. I was full of hopes and dreams. I was going to change the world. I was naive. Leaving Leicester I left Leicester after my graduate placement failed to materialise with a permanent contract.  I should have realised then that working … Continue reading Road Trip to Leicester: Reflection on idealism and work

How many notepads does a blog writer need?

It's my first real effort at getting rid of some of my stuff and compared to previously I have decided to be more pragmatic in how I choose to clear my possessions out. I may need this one day... "How many notepads does a blog writer need?" I think, as I clear out a draw full … Continue reading How many notepads does a blog writer need?

Time for a change

Time for a change: It dawned on me the other day.  In 8 and a half years I will 40. If I have learnt anything  in my life, what seems so far away, creeps upon a person in no time. It happened in my teens and sometimes I reflect where that precious time went. Going back … Continue reading Time for a change