Be your crowd

Self-limiting beliefs are the biggest hindrance to our true potential.

When you have goals, or you just want to get something done, the first battle often is fighting against these beliefs, which can sometimes use a lot of the motivation that would actually be better used to get the task done.

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Manifesto of Perfection: 5 Essential Self-Improvement Posts

I have run the Manifesto of Perfection for over a year. During that period I have spent a lot of time talking about Self-Improvement.


For my goal setting month I have picked out my five favourite posts.

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Manifesto of Perfection Goal Setting Month


It is now March.

  • Perhaps the New Year resolution has fallen by the wayside.
  • Maybe your a habitual goal setter, but your objectives are a bit stale and the enthusiasm is no longer there.

  • Maybe you don’t have goals at all.

I have decided for March, purely because I have got so much out of the process, I will dedicate the month to championing the benefit of goal setting.

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