It is now March.

  • Perhaps the New Year resolution has fallen by the wayside.

  • Maybe your a habitual goal setter, but your objectives are a bit stale and the enthusiasm is no longer there.

  • Maybe you don’t have goals at all.

I have decided for March, purely because I have got so much out of the process, I will dedicate the month to championing the benefit of goal setting.

I will provide advice on how I go about setting goals and how I remain accountable to what I set.

I will review my current goals to see how I am progressing – I will then make decisions on how I can develop these ideas, tick off completed objectives, add new ones or if they are not working see what is going wrong and re-strategise what I am doing.  Once this is completed I will update my goals so that they can be reviewed in June.

And I will give various opinions on goal setting and where people (including myself) go wrong.

Stick around, we are going to be so much better by the end of it.

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