365 Days

When I returned back to work on 31st July 2014 after two weeks off from stress, I swore that I would make it do next year about not taking a single sick day.

I wanted to do this because I’d already had a few sicks days, so with taking two weeks off for stress they were adding up.  Because I was determined to fight through my problems, I did not want my sick leave to look any worse than it already was for when I got my next job. Continue reading “365 Days”


Simplify your goals – Do, Doing and Done

I admit, I probably enjoy planning my goals a bit too much.  Sometimes I feel like I do too much planning and need to just get on with it.

So I welcome ways that make planning goals easier.

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A man with a plan (and aspirations)

I recently started a new job and I set two goals:

The first was to “Become comfortable in my new job/make it my own.”

I mention in this post how I went about achieving that.

The second goal was “Develop my skills/knowledge so that I can achieve for promotion.”

In my reflection this was always going to be more complex than the first, therefore I had to develop some sort of plan to meet my aspirations?

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What makes people buy?

The iPad

I was at a friend’s house where he was proudly showed off a new tablet he got.

“How much did that cost?” I asked

He told me that he got it “free” as part of his new phone contract where he had to pay an extra £20 a month, which was said in such a manner you would think it was a bargain.


But financial irresponsibility is not what inspired this post.  I inquired why he needed it. Continue reading “What makes people buy?”

How to set goals

selfAs I start off goal setting month, the best place to start is from the beginning, as I show how I set goals.  If you have never done this before get a sheet of paper and write down what you want to achieve.

how to set goals...

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Manifesto of Perfection Goal Setting Month


It is now March.

  • Perhaps the New Year resolution has fallen by the wayside.
  • Maybe your a habitual goal setter, but your objectives are a bit stale and the enthusiasm is no longer there.

  • Maybe you don’t have goals at all.

I have decided for March, purely because I have got so much out of the process, I will dedicate the month to championing the benefit of goal setting.

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Never dismiss the power of a New Year’s Resolution


Its the middle of January and by this point many of us have either progressed or given up on New Year’s Resolutions.

But I have noticed a trend where people dismiss this idea – it could be because they see it as lame, cliché, they know they won’t stick with or are saying “Well you should have goals all year round”.

As someone who used to be in that camp, I will make an argument for why you should be making a New Year resolution.  I think they have potential to be powerful. Continue reading “Never dismiss the power of a New Year’s Resolution”

Nobody starts a new job in January

I arrive 45 minutes early.  I sip a drink to keep my throat moist in preparation for all the talking I was about to do.

I fumble through the notes ready for the interview.. I set myself the goal of getting a new job.  I wanted this, firstly for my own professional development and because of personal struggles in my current job which made me realise I needed to move on.

How I prepared for my interview Continue reading “Nobody starts a new job in January”

Time Management for the Perfectionist

“Time – unlike money, opportunity or good looks – is the one resource that is allocated equally to all of us”

Duncan Bannatyne – How to be smart with your time

Here at the Manifesto of Perfection I write about self-improvement, my goals and reflect on what I have learnt.

I do struggled to meet many of my goals, that is until I learnt better time management, where I realised the importance of sitting down and working out ways of being more time effective.

Review goals and assess where time goes

I wanted to work in the environmental sector – things were  not working out in the employment market so I decided to spend my time volunteering for an environmental charity. Continue reading “Time Management for the Perfectionist”