When I returned back to work on 31st July 2014 after two weeks off from stress, I swore that I would make it do next year about not taking a single sick day.

I wanted to do this because I’d already had a few sicks days, so with taking two weeks off for stress they were adding up.  Because I was determined to fight through my problems, I did not want my sick leave to look any worse than it already was for when I got my next job.

I also wanted to do it for myself.  I have been so easy to go back bad to bed because of a cold – I wanted to see if I could fight through these and do a days work.

And what happened in the end?… who am I kidding I wouldn’t have posted this if I had failed at it – I made a full year – a full 365 days!

Changing jobs made it easier – I didn’t have a bitch boss and my commutes were shorter.

By some coincidence today I confided my stress secret to a colleague – only because they opened up about a loved one suffering the same problem first.  It was good to get it off my chest with someone who I knew would not judge me.

I guess I can get through anything when I really put my mind in it.

Till next time, I am working on 366 days – James


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